Final year of university is a rough ride.

In final year, you’ll probably go through the biggest roller-coaster of emotions in your life thus far. When you find yourself in the middle of a deadlines-induced breakdown, whilst at the same time trying to savour every last moment as a student, the thought of leaving university for good really starts to get to you…

22 Times Disney Summed Up How You Feel About Final Year Of University

1. Final year has felt similar to falling down a giant rabbit hole.


2. And it feels like exam/deadlines season has really crept up on you out of nowhere.


3. So you start to regret not doing enough work in first and second year.


4. Final year is tough, and you could really do with a fairy godmother.


5. But you can’t stop thinking about how relived you’ll be when you finally hand in your dissertation.


6. And how euphoric you’ll feel when you’re finally done with exams.


7. Freedom is so close, you can almost taste it.


8. But you start to become overwhelmed with sadness about leaving your friends behind.


9. And no matter how much you fought throughout the years, you’ll miss your housemates.


10. Graduate life isn’t exactly appealing.


11. So this sums up how you feel every time someone asks about your plans for next year:


12. You try your best to think of skills and qualities that you possess that will make you stand out when applying for graduate jobs.


13. But you just end up convincing yourself that you’ll never be good enough for any graduate jobs and that you’ll stay unemployed for years.


14. You wish you could go back to first year and do it all over again.


15. Because you’re never going to be as independent and free as you are now.


16. Because in the real world, you can’t get away with consuming questionable substances as easy as you can when you’re a student.


17. And you can’t just skip 9am meetings in the real world just because you’re too tired/hungover/don’t feel like it.


18. And the realisation that Summer holidays will no longer be a thing is devastating.


19. So you do all that you can to make the most of the time you have left.


20. Basically, you just don’t want to face the truth: you’re about to become a real adult.


21. You definitely don’t feel ready to graduate.


22. Because you just can’t imagine life without university.


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