7 Thoughts Every Durham Student Had In Freshers Week

1) Wait, its how much for a pint?

You go for your first drink at the college bar and with a fiver in hand, you hope to get yourself a drink with a bit of change left. To your sheer delight not only do you have change, but you have enough to buy yourself another two drinks.

giphy (19)

2) You expect me to shower in there?

You peer into the single shower and separate toilet you’re supposed to be sharing with nine other people. They look like something out of the 1940s with the dim lighting and tiled floor; your heart sinks as you realise what living like a student really means.

giphy (20)

3) I can’t wait to go the next club? Wait that’s it, there’s only 2?

It’s the third day of Fresher’s week and you’re having a great time. You’ve been to a couple of the bars and clubs, and are really excited in getting to know the Durham nightlife. Then the penny drops – that was the Durham nightlife. Within a week you’ll be set into a strict routine of when and where you go out every week.

giphy (21)

4) Why is everyone from south London or Surrey?

Apart from the few token northerners you meet everyone seems to be from the South, and they all to seem to know each other. It’s as if everyone is South London co-ordinated a big move to Durham. Saying that, it become handy for meet-ups during the holidays.giphy (22)

5) Where’s all the fast food?….

You wander around Durham’s tiny city centre refusing to believe that there can’t be a Mcdonald’s. There has to be, every reputable city has one. If not, surely at least a Burger King, or maybe a KFC? Why are there are so many Subways? There are rumours of a deal with the council that Subway made, but to be honest nobody knows.

giphy (23)

6)……And why are there so many bakeries?

Is a sausage roll an acceptable substitute for Big Mac? No it’s not but you’ll get used to it.

giphy (24)

7) Why is every single one of our events fancy dress?

You’re sure that in the photos of your friend’s freshers (that happened three weeks ago like normal unis) they weren’t all dressed as Gap Yah people, or Disney characters or whatever wacky idea your college has had. It means ANOTHER trip down to Mr. Cloth to spend more money on something you’ll never wear again.giphy (25)



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