Every human on the planet who gets the opportunity to study in Manchester returns home thinking the same thing!

It’s hands down, the BEST city in the UK. No – the WORLD.

Everyone falls in love with the place. Between the warm fuzzy friendly accent, the city’s outstanding music scene and the general buzz about the place, you just can’t help but warm to this incredible city.

Here are the 30 best things about going to university in Manchester.

1. The Northern Quarter. Because everything is just so damn Instagrammable. (Despite being hipster AF and for some reason there are no cash machines anywhere. WHAT is that about?!)

Such hipster, much wow

2. And it has Afflecks which sells a bunch of cool vintage stuff you can’t afford but like to look at nonetheless.


3. The fact that you can swap your uni halls if you don’t get your first choice. AND there’s so much variety – Whitworth Park if you’re fancy, Fallowfield if you like to party, Woolton Hall for the rahs.

4. The Ali G because it’s all modern and shiny and cool – although it’s like the Hunger Games trying to get a seat in the place.

Mic movies hello ali g music

5. But then there’s also the John Rylands which has a special place in your heart because it’s old and quaint and has Harry Potter vibes that make you feel all wizard-like. (Just ignore the fact that everyone says it’s rat-infested.)

harry potter emma watson hermione granger maggie smith dumbledore

6. The good old reliable Magic Bus.


7. The Vimto statue which you have either taken a picture with or climbed on when drunk. Or both. Yep. Probably both.


8. The Curry Mile. Just NOT when you’re hungover. Under any circumstances.

9. The giant spider crab thing in the window of the Manchester Museum. (Even though you shit your pants a bit when you saw it for the first time.)

11. Oxford Road.

12. The cycling reggae man on Oxford road. Like, why?

13. You can put gravy on anything.

14. You don’t eat dinner.


15. The fact that the word ‘alright’ can either be a greeting, a question or an answer.

16. You’re never far away from one of these.


17.The names they have for a bread roll. Like Barm. And Teacake.

18. It’s not Christmas until you’ve seen the giant Santa at Albert Square.

19. The Font. Because you can lol at all the people who go on first dates there and don’t realise that the music is too loud to talk over, so they have a super awkward time.


20. Megarider – aka your ticket to freedom.


21. The fact that you can go out and have the best night of your life any day of the week.


22. The fact that the students’ union basically houses some of the country’s best music venues.

23. Sankeys. The REAL Sankeys.


24. Baa bar. No regrets.


25. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see a Z list reality TV star in Tigertiger.

26. The Kebab King

27. Buying alcohol from the tiny hatch at Gaffs.

28. That weird ghostly feeling you get when you walk around Fallowfield at the end of the term.

29. The Trafford Centre. Even though you’re too poor to buy anything there.

30. Just everything about Canal Street and the city’s LGBTQ friendly vibes.

31. It’s home to a creative bunch of people, who do genius stuff like this.


32. And finally – the people. The loveliest, warmest, friendliest locals you’ll ever meet.

brothers oasis noel gallagher gallagher bonehead


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