Basically thinking ‘I love reading’ and running with it…

1. SparkNotes is your one true bae. But you’ll never admit it.

2. Falling in love with fictional characters is inevitable.

Oh, Mr Darcy. *hearts eyes emoji*

3. Chaucer is the bane of your existence.

4. You just have to read the book before you see the movie.

5. And the book will always be better.

6. When your friends argue that the movie was better (and they haven’t even read the book)

7. Mathematics has you like

8. The library is what you imagine heaven to look like.

9. When everyone just assumes that you want to be a teacher.

10. Contrary to popular belief, you’re not actually obsessed with Shakespeare.

11. Your friends always ask you to proof-read their assignments… and their CVs… and their emails…

12. You mostly prefer books to people.

13. You’re extremely resentful of – yet deeply impressed by – that one person in the seminar who actually manages to read the books every week.

14. Technically, there are no correct answers. Therefore consistent assignment marking doesn’t exist.

One tutor says it’s perfect, the other is about ready to throw it in the bin. You can’t win.

15. Your reaction when someone tells you that they don’t read

16. Your reaction when people can’t seem to grasp basic grammar

Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E means YOU ARE. Y-O-U-R means YOUR!

17. You spend quite a lot of time staring at a blank word document.


18. Thanks to your degree, you can’t help but over-analyse EVERYTHING.

18. Moving all of your books from home back to uni and from uni back home is a total pain. But totally worth it.

But My Baggage could totally ease that pain. *wink*

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