Exams are looming…

If you’re reading this post, you’re either super organised, prepared and confident with loads of time to spare, or you’re on a total downward spiral of procrastination towards likely failure.

If it’s the latter, this one’s for you….

29 Signs That You’re Going To Fail Your Exams

1. You spent a fortune on fancy stationery to create a very detailed revision timetable which you have yet to use.

stationery rulers frixion highlighters pencil case

2. You Snapchat pictures and videos of yourself revising to convince everyone, mainly yourself, that you’re working hard.

snapchat tongue filter

3. You seriously consider leaving uni to embark on a new journey.

Image result for im leaving gif

4. You’re beyond the point of stress. You’ve entered into an eerie sense of calm, almost as if you’ve accepted your fate.

comic adult swim calm this is fine resigned

5. You’re constantly messaging your friends to ask if they’ve started revising yet.

ok email emails text office

6. When your friends say they haven’t, you believe them and see it as an excuse to do no work.

paul rudd fuck it reactions exactly who cares

7. You spend more time calculating how many marks you need to pass than you do on actually studying.

Cheezburger test doug study exam

8. You will literally do any and every menial task you can to avoid studying.


9. When you get too overwhelmed by how screwed you are, you decide to take a nap.

girl beach kid tired sleepy

10. Or have a cry.

11. You go on Facebook to see who’s online so you feel better about the fact that you’re doing nothing.

Syfy relief phew whew thats a relief

12. You keep picking up your phone and unlocking out of habit, ending up four hours deep through Instagram and not remembering how it happened.

ross staring david schwimmer ross geller trance

13. You go to the library and spend more time people watching than revising.

stare staring dwayne johnson

14. When you can’t find a seat in the library, you see it as a sign that you’re not supposed to revise.

praying pray show michael reunion

15. In fact, you use every inconvenience a sign that you’re not supposed to revise.

please hope zach galifianakis pray baskets

16. You reward yourself for being in the library for four consecutive hours by going for a drink.

17. You tell yourself repeatedly “I’ll start it tomorrow”.

why you always lying liar

18. You promise yourself you’ll get up early but then end up lying in bed just staring at your phone.

cat animals favorite bed music videos

19. You reward yourself with food and breaks every time you do the slightest bit of work.

30 rock tina fey liz lemon cupcake snack

20. You ask your friends to revise in the library with you, even though you know you’ll get no work done around each other.

Image result for Gif library

21. You end up down a Netflix rabbit hole. You’ve watched the entire new season of Kimmy Schmidt and can’t remember how it happened.

Foxtel binge watch game of thrones hbo peter dinklage

22. So you feel guilty and pull and all-nighter.

insomnia twin peaks frustrated dale cooper

23. And spend most of the time staring at the blank screen.

kim kardashian bored cricket boring crickets

24. You try to keep yourself motivated by day dreaming about much you can go out when exams are over.

Disney alice in wonderland in a world of my own day dream

25. It doesn’t take too much effort for someone to persuade you to go out.

26. Your house is spotless because you’ve done so much procrasti-cleaning.

Image result for Gif Cleaning

27. When you get confused about a certain topic, you skip it and just hope it doesn’t come up.

dog phone human thinking studying

28. You read through past papers, get confused, sneak a peak at the answer and tell yourself “I totally would have written that.”

29. You consider acquiring an injury so that you can get an extension.

Image result for Gif thinking

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