Need a helping hand to get your grades up?

Maybe you’re only a few points behind your target grade, and you just need a push to get you there. If this sounds like you, you need these eight online tools. They’ll help you write the best essay that you’re capable of, without the hassle.

1. Assignment Help: This website is a great place to get started before you get writing your assignment. It covers all the basics, such as the difference between formal and informal writing. It also helps you understand to types of essay that you can be asked to write, and goes through how to structure them.

2. Cite It In: Do you struggle getting your citations correct in your work? It’s a pain, as getting them wrong can lose you marks, but it’s a fiddly task that isn’t directly related to what you’re writing about. Use this tool to make it much easier. All you have to do is give it the source you’re using, and it will create a citation for you in the citation style of your choosing.

3. UK Writings: At university, it’s getting harder and harder to get the one to one help that you really need. If you can’t get a consultation with your professors, try these professional writers instead. They will walk you through the assignment writing process, and really help you get to grips with what makes a good essay.

4. Big Assignments: Do you want to use a service that can point you where you need to go? This website can help. If you’re unsure of what you need to do, their expert staff can show you the best route to take. They’re an excellent educational portal, so talk to them when you’re feeling stuck.

5. Easy Word Count: The word count you’re given on your assignments is there for a reason. Go too far over, and you’re needlessly padding out your work. Come up too short, and you’re not including everything that should be in there. Paste your work into this tool, and you’ll get a quick and accurate word count.

6. Thesis Creator: If you find it difficult putting together a plan for your essays, this is the tool for you. It walks you through a plan, asking you about your topic and position, helping you build an argument. Fill in all the boxes, and you have an easy to follow plan that will help you get top grades.

7. Ox Essays: Are you drowning in deadlines and not sure how you’ll get all your work done on time? This writing service can help. Send them your assignment briefs, and they will be able to write an essay that will get you the grades you need. If you already have the essay, they can proofread and edit it for you. They’re the best people to turn to when you’re in a pinch.

8. Small SEO Tools: This site has a multitude of tools you really should incorporate into your essay writing. The plagiarism checker makes sure you don’t accidentally use a source too closely in your own writing, losing you marks. The grammar checker picks up any errors that slipped you by. There’s also word count and spell checkers, so this website really is the whole package.

Keep these tools in your arsenal for when you need to write assignments. You’ll be glad you have them when you need them the most. They’ll have your back when you’re writing, and ensure that you get the best grades that you’re capable of.

Written by Mary Walton, blog editor at

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