Aaaahhhhh first year- a haze of bad drunken choices, pyjama runs to Tesco and the (occasional) lecture. If like thousands of others you have relocated to the wonderful “t’up north” to spend your university days, then here are some home truths you’ll only know if you’ve been, or are at university in the glorious city that is Sheffield.

1. Being a “Southerner” counts as anything south of Nottingham.


2. Rumours will surface circa October time that if you haven’t got your second-year house sorted soon, all the “good ones” will have gone.


3. Chinos will be there for your greasy pizza needs when all other takeaways are shut.

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4. If you live in one of the halls that is the other side of city campus e.g The Pinnacles or Central Quay, you might as well live in Lancashire.


5. You can never wear anything you remotely like or want to wear again to Corp.

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6. Despite promising yourself that you’ll “try hard” in your first year, you’ll soon find that scraping 40% and rolling into your 10 am straight from the night before becomes the much more appealing option.

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7. You will spend the next two years cringing at the prospect of “Hallam vs Uni” or “South vs North” bar crawls that you oh-so-enthusiastically participated in during freshers week.

 giphy (4)

8. Viper Rooms is full of intimidating second and thirds years who can instinctively tell you’re in first and therefore do not belong. giphy (5)

9. You know the people you’ve met in freshers who you’re convinced will be your best friends for life? Remember them- you’ll spend the next two years trying to awkwardly avoid them.

giphy (7)

10. You know that person who, two terms in, you’re convinced you’ll end up marrying and living happily ever after with? Remember them- you’ll spend the next two years awkwardly avoiding them, as well.

giphy (6)

11. Despite believing that Saturday nights were THE night to go out on prior to starting university, you soon come to realize that as a student you’d never even THINK of going out on a weekend.

giphy (8)

12. Weekends suddenly become boring… like really boring. Where are all the people at?

giphy (9) 

13. Four nights out a week are financially viable, but doing your washing more often than once a month is simply ridiculous- that sh*t costs £3!

giphy (10) 

14. Despite the warnings, discovering that having a “thing” with someone in your flat/block/accommodation isn’t such a great idea after all.

 giphy (11)

15. You will find yourself during Varsity not only becoming a HUGE sporting fan, but also having a huge, unprecedented hatred of the opposing university- Hallamnation becomes a dangerous place to be.

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