As one of the oldest and most famous universities, it’s not surprising that Cambridge students are stereotyped a lot.

But while the ‘posh public schoolboy’ is less prevalent these days, there are several other categories of students you’re bound to come across during your time at Cambridge.

1. The Boatie

Another POWER TEN!!!

When you inevitable get press-ganged into trialling for rowing, this muscle machine will be there erging in his blues blazer while throwing around complicated jargon like ‘bumps’ and ‘power 10’. Avoid at all costs if you don’t want to be rudely awakened at 5am every morning (I’ll repeat that again for emphasis: avoid – sleep is sacred).

2. The Perfect Student

Group study time…

With her organised folders, immaculate notes and habit of handing in supervision work at least three days in advance, you’ll chance across this student during your fresher’s week library tour then hopefully not again until exam term. If you’re unfortunate enough to find her as your supervision partner, perfect the ‘group study’ technique to at least maintain the appearance of keeping up.

3. The Party Girl

Huh? Exams? Nah, this girl’s here to party!

This girl is the ultimate socialite – she’s got everyone on Facebook and a small side business doing club promoting to fund her partying habits. She’s hosting predrinks every night and inviting you to experience the wonders of Cindies, so keep her details for discounted wristbands later on! Careful though, if you want to pass the year it might be a good idea to avoid becoming flatmates.

4. The Union Debater

Like this, but in tweed…

No, not the CUSU President (yes, they do actually exist… somewhere…), but the debating dude who never takes no for an answer. Shocked at your lack of knowledge on obscure foreign politics, he will proceed to invite you to every weekly union debate in an attempt to mould you into the perfect Cambridge scholar. Usually identifiable by the tweed jacket and habit of arguing (sorry, debating…) with everything that moves, this guy is best avoided if you don’t want your opinions to be constantly refuted.

5. The Careerist

She’s known her goal since day 1

Probably a lawyer or economist, they’ve had their life planned out since the first year, are constantly at networking dinners, attended exclusive spring weeks and internships, and already got their perfect job offer on the table two years before graduation. You’ve no idea how they’re able to balance all that alongside 3 committee positions, 5 societies and a first while still maintaining a semblance of social life, but can just look on in awe. In the meantime, you’re attempting to stretch ‘college netball team reserve’ to fill your LinkedIn profile.

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