The one where you have daily breakdowns and channel your inner Ross.

1. Every time you’re asked how uni is going.

tv friends tv show drunk drinking

2. Every time you check your bank account.

ross geller

3. When you get home from uni and go straight for a nap like:


4. Every time you try to sit down and study.


5. Every time your lecturer assigns yet another assignment on top of the mountain of others that you still have to do.

tv television 90s friends show

6. When you’re working on a group project and you’re trying really hard not to lose all of your chill.


7. When your flatmate steals the food you’ve been thinking about all day.


8. Any time there is free food on campus.

friends kelly clarkson ross geller people like us kellyclarkson

9. Every time you have to rush to make it to your 9am lectures.


10. When you realise your deadline is only a few hours away.


11. And you read back what you’ve written.

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12. When your lecturer starts discussing the reading you were supposed to do (but definitely didn’t do) during Reading Week.

Image result for we were on a break gif

13. Any time your housemates steal your milk.

ross geller

14. When you’re always the one to get picked to answer a question in seminars.


15. About five minutes after you said you were only having one drink tonight.


16. When you’re in final year and you realise how little time you have left to be a student.


17. Literally you every day at uni:

ross geller

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