Your eating habits can be likened to Eleven’s and trying to meet your deadlines feels like trying to kill a Demogorgon. Sometimes, uni feels like an episode of Stranger Things.

1. When you first arrived at university, the fear of living alone hit you.

2. You definitely found it hard to adapt to life away from home.

winona ryder stranger things joyce byers season 1 upset

3. But you eventually got the hang of the whole ‘adulting’ thing… 

Stranger Things season 1 stranger things eleven 11 GIF

…in your own way.

4. Your very first lecture made you feel more confused than you’ve ever felt before.


5. And when you tried to ask a question, your lecturer just left you feeling even more confused.


6. And anyway, your tutors still never seem to understand that early mornings are just not made for lectures.

7. Mostly because nights out at university get a little… crazy.

Image result for stranger things nancy drink gif

8. Even though your drunken antics often have you regretting all of your life choices the following day.

9. Any time you visit home, you eat as if you haven’t eaten a proper meal in years.

Image result for stranger things eleven eating gif

10. And then you return to uni and fall back into your… questionable eating habits.

Stranger Things season 1 stranger things eleven 11 GIF

11. When it comes to doing work, you always promise yourself that ‘this time will be different’ and that you will ‘actually start your assignment early for once’.

Image result for stranger things promise gif

12. But, like every other time before, your deadlines creep up on you before you know it.

eleven stranger things elle millie brown season 1

13. Any trying to meet said deadlines feels a lot like trying to kill a Demogorgon.

14. Not really helped by the fact that you’re never really 100% sure what you’re actually doing.

15. You start to question whether you’re really doing the right degree for you.


16. Or whether you want to continue pursuing a degree at all.

17. You’re pretty much just searching for the will to go on like:


18. But you always find solace in the fact that your friends feel the same way as you do.

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