When you’re from the South, the North may as well be on a different planet.

You can’t understand what anyone is saying to you, chips and gravy become your new favourite thing in the world and you better be prepared to be greeted with ‘IYA PET’ by literally everyone. Also, bring a coat. Welcome to the north.

1. In the beginning, you will struggle to understand what everyone is saying.


2. And a lot of Northerners will see you as posh and a little bit stuck up.


3. And your accent will be made fun of at least once.


4. But the longer you’re there, you realise you’ve started to pick up Northern phrases and mannerisms that your friends and family back home don’t understand.


5. Like when you call them ‘pet’, ‘love’ or ‘duck’ and they look at you as if you have two heads.


6. You’re not sure if you’ll ever get used to strangers being so nice to you.


7. And why the hell are people standing on the left-hand side of the escalator? What is this madness?


8. You quickly learn that it’s an unforgivable sin to not have gravy with every possible meal.


9. And chips, cheese and gravy is a drunk revelation and the thought of ever being drunk without it back home in the South is absolutely horrifying.

10. You’re the only one wearing a coat on a night out.


11. Because you’ve never felt cold quite like this before.


12. But the drink prices alone make you never want to leave.


13. Bread rolls no longer exist. You don’t even want to enter into that debate.

14. Or the debate about where the North actually begins.

15. You can’t survive the long train journey home without your essentials.

16. In the North, you only ever get mortal.


17. It’s okay for Northerners to slag off the North. It is NOT okay for you to slag off the North.


18. But at the end of the day, it really doesn’t take you long to warm to your new home.


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