You blinked and summer was over. September is looming and a few things are making you realise how totally and utterly screwed you are when you go back to uni… *gulp*

1. You forget how to use a pen.


2. You literally cannot remember a single thing you learned last year.

lost confused ryan reynolds where am i?

3. You had all of these grand plans to be productive during your time off, but you have literally achieved nothing since the start of the summer break.

no confused shocked syllvester stallone

4. Whenever you think about all of your responsibilities, you feel a wave of panic and then choose to ignore everything in the hope that it will somehow go away.

ignore movies love movie life

5. You haven’t logged into your uni email account once since the end of term because ignorance is bliss.


6. You still haven’t unpacked your suitcase…

netflix unbreakable kimmy schmidt kimmy schmidt lazy tituss burgess

7. You’re already counting down the days until Christmas break.

cat lazy resting weekend laying

8. You’re not even entirely sure which modules you’re doing next year.


9. And when you think about it, you throw up in your mouth a little bit.

Star Wars fear afraid yoda fearful

10. You can count the amount of times you’ve left the house since coming home on one hand. So, you’re not entirely sure if you know how to do social situations any more.

Jess lazy cat louie dancingwithcats

11. When you think about going back to uni, you only think of seeing your friends and being able to drink on weekdays. You often forget about the whole ‘degree’ part.

responsibility tv daria

12. Despite the fact that you’ve done nothing all summer, you somehow still have absolutely no money, so the countdown to your student loan is serious at this point.

The Simpsons bart simpson lisa simpson free money season 9

13. There is legit nothing left to watch on Netflix. You’ve watched the entire history of TV and film.

the oc seth cohen oh god what am i going to do with my life now

14. You’re already preparing excuses for your lecturers when they ask about how much work you’ve done or why you didn’t manage to get any internships or work placement.

friends excuses

15. Your sleeping pattern is so irreversibly messed up that you genuinely believe it might be physically impossible for your body to wake up before 9am.

snow white i cant do not want run away i cant even

16. Even though you’re so bored and desperately crave structure, you’ll be sad that you can no longer just nap in the middle of the day anymore.

crying cry david schwimmer american crime story the people v oj simpson

17. You’re caught in this hideous dilemma of trying to make the most of the rest of your summer break whilst also simultaneously trying to do all the summer work that you’ve left to the last minute. 

discussion reviews lists bookclubs broken

18. Deep down, you know you’re going to do neither of those things and continue to vegetate in your bed.

lazy friends nothing joey tribbiani matt leblanc

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