It’s CRAZY the amount of things we take for granted.

The silly things like grabbing a morning coffee on the way to uni, aimlessly browsing the shops, or just being able to sit and have a cold pint with a friend.

Life seems to have gone on pause for a while, most of us haven’t hugged our family or friends in over three months, our social lives have come to a halt and normal life seems so far away just now.

BUT we’ve decided to look forward to the future and we’ve put together 10 things we are most excited about for after lockdown! 

We’re JUST AS excited as this girl ?


1. Seeing friends WHEN and WHENEVER I want, AND as many as I want at the same time!! ?



3. HUGS, remember when you could meet with your friends and give them a massive hug? Seems far too long ago now ?


4.  Not having to queue for 30 minutes JUST because I want a pack of Taytos and a Diet Cola! ?


5. NANDOS,  I can’t wait to be standing at the till ordering my food, forgetting my table number ?


6. SPORTS! I didn’t know how much of my time was wasted watching sports, and I’d like to waste that time again, PLEASE. ?


7. Having a good old cuppa and a custard cream with my Granny!! I just can’t wait to see and hug her. ☕

8. NO MORE zoom quizzes, I can’t stand knowing how much I don’t know ?


9. CANNOT wait to grab a non-instant, frothy hot Starbucks without sitting in an hour-long drive-through! ?


10. AND The best point yet… FINALLY being able to walk down that aisle. ✈️


We hope you are just as excited as we are!

BUT until everything gets back to normal, remember you can still send your friends and family a surprise care package. You can learn more about sending a care package with us here! ?