Being a contestant on The Great British Bake Off and trying to write an essay at university are more similar than you think. In fact, the stress of trying to meet your deadline can be likened to that of a technical challenge. *contestants gasp and groan*

1. You begin the only way a student ever could: by convincing yourself that you don’t need to start just yet.

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2. You’re not here to listen to anyone who brags that they’ve already finished theirs.

3. But then, as if in the blink of an eye, the deadline is suddenly only a few days away and panic inevitably ensues.


4. You thought you’d be fine because you thought this one would be easy.

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5. But you were so wrong.

6. It takes you an entire day just to write a plan.

7. And you’re just running out of time so quickly.


8. So you make a start…

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9. But every time you try to focus you get distracted very quickly.


10. So you venture to the library for some inspiration.

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11. But you can’t find any of the books you need…

12. And you quickly get annoyed with every single person in there.


13. You begin to question whether you’re really cut out for university at all.

14. Eventually, you resort to an all-nighter to get shit done.

15. Which then results in you forgetting how to function around early morning.


16. By the time you’ve finished the essay, you’re too exhausted to feel happiness.


17. Probably because you plagiarised a little bit, too…


18. Just when you feel relief starting to set in, you realise you still need to do your referencing.


19. You quickly read through the essay, only to realise it doesn’t actually make any sense.


20. But you submit it anyway, because there’s no going back now.


21. You promise yourself you’ll never leave an essay to the last minute ever again…

22. But deep down, you know that’s a lie.

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