University Packing Checklist

Student Packing

The complete checklist for University packing from My Baggage.

So you’re going to university. Your life will never be the same again, in the best possible way. You’ll make great friends, learn amazing things and have the experience of your life. But before you get to do all of these fantastic things, you have to actually get there. And that means packing.

Here is the My Baggage university packing checklist:

First things first, you may need certain official documents in order to register for university, open a bank account or apply for a part time job. Make sure you have the following documents prepared:

  1. Identification (preferably a driving licence or passport)
  2. Health insurance (for overseas students)
  3. National Insurance Card
  4. Acceptance letter from university
  5. Accommodation details
  6. Confirmation letters of any scholarships or bursaries
  7. CV & references if applying for part time work
  8. Any relevant travel cards if you are taking public transport
  9. Car insurance
  10. Travel insurance
  11. NHS number
  12. Banking paperwork and details
  13. Student loans paperwork

For studying
You’re supposed to go to uni to study and learn, not just party, so you’ll need stationery. Stock up on the essentials and make sure you organise your notes from the start, you’ll thank yourself when exam time comes if you do. Find a quiet place where you can work in peace whether it is in the school library, bedroom desk or local coffee shop:

  1. Strong bag for carrying textbooks and files
  2. Notebooks
  3. Laptop & student office software
  4. Folders for organising your notes
  5. Printer & printing paper
  6. USB stick
  7. Any specified text books for your course
  8. Desk lamp
  9. Noticeboard
  10. Diary

Whether in a shared house or halls your bedroom will most likely be the only place you have where you can close yourself off from the rest of the world and focus on studying, streaming boxsets or anything else that you are into. Here is our list of essentials for what to pack for your room:

  1. Bed clothes and pillow covers
  2. Duvet and pillows
  3. Washing basket
  4. Posters or any other decorations you can find to give the room some character
  5. Photos or other home comforts – Some of these are nice, but don’t take too many
  6. A throw or hot water bottle for the colder months
  7. Mattress protector for hygiene
  8. Sleeping bag or inflatable mattress for when friends visit

You’ll be able to organise a lot of bathroom essentials when you arrive at your accommodation and split the cost with your housemates on things such as soap, toilet roll etc. Here are the essentials that you’ll need to bring for yourself:

  1. Bath towel
  2. Hand towel
  3. Razor
  4. Hair products
  5. Shampoo & Conditioner
  6. Deodorant
  7. Nail clippers
  8. Aftershave/perfume
  9. Any required tablets & vitamins
  10. Basic first aid equipment

Like the bathroom you’ll be able to purchase a lot of your kitchen requirements once you arrive at your accommodation so there is no need to pack the spice rack or any perishables from home. Here are the basics for what you’ll require for your kitchen:

  1. Mug x 1
  2. Glass x 1
  3. Wine glass or shot glass
  4. Small set of knives, forks & spoons
  5. Sharp knife
  6. Chopping board
  7. Saucepan
  8. Wok
  9. Frying pan
  10. Baking Tray
  11. Pot
  12. Dinner plate
  13. Tin opener
  14. Recipe book
  15. Spacula
  16. Tea towel
  17. Oven gloves
  18. Any favorite coffee or tea
  19. Scissors

Finally you need to pack all your personal items and clothes. Don’t bring your whole wardrobe, instead pack smart and make sure you pack enough warm clothes to get you through the Winter months.

  1. Warm coat for Winter
  2. Casual clothes – Comfortable clothes are usually the first choice for most students so make sure you have plenty of these packed
  3. Sportswear – Sports a great way to socialise and meet new people pack some gear and if you don’t have a sport why not sign up for something new.
  4. Fancy dress costume – There’ll be lots of occasions where you can dress up so having a costume ready can save you some time & money.
  5. Underwear & socks – Stock up on this to make sure you don’t run out when laundry day comes round.
  6. Headphones
  7. Ear plugs – Necessary if you have noisy neighbours
  8. Waterproof jacket
  9. Pack of cards or other games
  10. Hat, gloves & scarf

Getting there
Don’t forget you can get all your things to university with My Baggage. We collect your baggage and deliver it right to your destination. Click here to book now.

Let us know what you think, are there any other essentials that you recommend packing?

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