How Mental Health Affects University Students

mental health at university

Your time as a student is often painted as the most exciting period of your life…

But as those who have been through it will tell you; it’s a stressful period too.

Over the years, mental health has become a growing problem among university goers and according to a recent survey, over a quarter of all students will suffer from a mental health problem during their studies.

A YouGov study of 1,061 students found 27% of those asked admitted to having a mental health problem, with illnesses being most prevalent among females and LGBTQ+ students.

Over one third (34%) of female students surveyed said they suffered from a mental health issue compared to 19% of males. Around half of all LGBTQ+ students (45%) face mental health challenges, in contrast to 22% of non-heterosexual students.

Depression and anxiety related issues were the most common mental health problems, with almost three quarters of affected students suffering from both.

University work was cited as the main source of stress, followed by employment prospects after graduation, which concerned 39% of students.

Although 75% of students are aware of their university’s counselling services, just 18% have availed of the support.

84% of all students surveyed agreed that mental health issues are as serious as physical health problems and 80% of those asked said the government should provide more services for mental health through the NHS.

If you’re struggling with mental health at university, we at My Baggage strongly encourage you to seek advice or simply talk to someone from your university’s facilities.

You can also get more information or help from the websites below:

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