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Freshers’ Week can often be the most intense seven days of your entire life…

Even if you read every article on the internet telling you what to expect from Freshers’ Week, you’ll still have absolutely no idea what’s like until you get there. One thing’s for sure though – whether it’s good or bad, it will be memorable and you’re guaranteed to learn a few important lessons.

1. Meeting new people is a helluva lot easier when you’re drunk.

Broad City comedy central abbi jacobson nice to meet you enchante

2. A drinking ‘game’ is not a ‘game’. Even if you win, you lose.

ian mckellen classy drinking game theater kid problems cast party

3. Your uni never looks half as glam as it did in the brochure.

nsfw ew disgusted disgust do not want

4. No amount of air freshener and scented candles can mask the universal slightly mouldy smell of student halls.

gross michelle obama eww the tonight show

5. One simply can not budget for Freshers’ Week.

money free money crying baby

6. A Freshers’ Week wristband is always worth it.

O&O, Inc My precious omg lotr yas

7. You’ll do a lot of queueing.

line waiting assistant cabbagewank

8. You’ll get sick of people asking the same questions over and over and over again. “Where are you from? What course are you doing? What halls are you in?”

idk eyeroll i dont know golden globes 2014 lena dunham

9. But when you meet people for the first time, you’ll ask them the same questions because there’s no other way of doing it.

britney spears awkward pain do not want cringe

10. For some reason, people will ask you what school you went to even though your answer means absolutely nothing to them.

reactions jon stewart confused why

11. Drinking yourself into oblivion the night before you have to get your student card is a stupid, stupid idea. You have to live with that hideous photo for years to come.


12. One must drink when this command is called. 


13. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But you should. If you get a sense that someone is weird, they usually are.

freak the 40 year old virgin movie steve carell

14. You’ll pretend to like people at the start, just so you’re not alone. But it soon gets too hard to keep up the act.

adele smirk adele adkins fake smile

15. You’ll meet people from all different parts of the UK and Ireland. Imitating each other’s accents stops being funny after the first time.

girl mrw accent

16. You’ll meet hundreds of people and remember about two names.

meryl streep the devil wears prada miranda priestly devil wears prada who are you

17. The others will be given nicknames dictated mostly by their appearance. These names will stick forever.


18. Being friends with your mum on Facebook is never a good idea.

RealityTVGIFs amy poehler mom mothers day cool mom

19. The university will set a 5am fire alarm just for the lols.

Veep HBO morning tired veep selina meyer

20. There will be some over enthusiastic Freshers Reps who seem helpful at the start but turn out to be a gigantic pain in the arse.

Power season 2 tv show episode finale

21. Having sex with someone you meet during Fresher’s Week will always come back to haunt you.

arrested development jason bateman michael bluth huge mistake

22. You will meet someone who seems like they are BFF material but turns out to be a dick.

hate i hate you school of rock tacky

23. It’s possible to feel like your having the best and worst time of your life at once.

feelings muse starlight too many feels brb dead

24. You need stamina. Drinking for seven days straight without dying takes endurance.

Nike running olympics marathon thirsty

25. You will always be able to instantly tell if they have been on a gap year. Mainly because they will tell you within 5 seconds of meeting you.

karl pilkington an idiot abroad

26. Same with medical students.

animals kid play doctor patient

27. Eating healthy is too much effort.

health healthy salad lettuce dieting

28. Eating loads of crap at the end of a night out with your flatmates will literally save your life. It will also be a bonding experience.

pizza 90s cartoon nickelodeon doug

29. There will be at least one person in your flat with no concept of hygiene.

gross rhony real housewives of new york disgusted blech

30. Visit the Freshers fair and you’ll never need to buy a pen again.


31. Dodging promo people is a skill but if you don’t do it, you’ll end up with an ever growing shrine of leaflets.

run run away run fast flee fleeing

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