Because we’re all going through a little bit of a rough patch.

1. When you’re very optimistic at the beginning of the year.

Image result for michael scott happy

2. But halfway through the first semester and all of that optimism is a distant memory.

3. When your diet is pretty questionable.


4. But you can’t help it because you’re a broke student.

5. When you can’t help but get super stressed about all of the work you have to do.

6. When you seriously consider dropping out.

7. But instead you just procrastinate.

8. Which really just makes everything worse.

9. And then you try to justify it.


10· When your downfall is the fact that whether you have a 9am lecture the next day or an assignment due, you’re always tempted by a night out.

11. Let’s face it, you know how to enjoy yourself.

12. But then you show up to a lecture hungover and you’re like:

13. When you’re assigned group work and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who puts any work in.

When Michael threw his own Roast.

14. When you just have to pretend that you’re coping fine with all of your deadlines.

Image result for michael scott i'm fine

Image result for michael scott i'm fine

15. When your student loan comes in.

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16. And then you spend it all in one week.

When Michael was upset and listened to sad songs.

17. When you’re sick of your housemates asking to borrow all of your stuff.

18. When you’re bitter that all of your friends are going out while you have to stay in to do work.

19. When you stay up all night writing an essay about a topic that you know nothing about that’s due at 8am.

20. When you pull so many all-nighters that you begin to forget how to function like a human being.

21. When you walk into the library and there isn’t a single place to sit.

Image result for michael scott angry

22. When your tutors take a ridiculous amount of time to post your grades.

23. When anyone asks you how uni is going.

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