Many of us want to be more sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint in the process. Sustainability measures are everywhere, for example, in your own home; reducing electricity consumption, recycling, and switching to renewable energy sources… these are all measures that will reduce your carbon footprint.

We understand the importance of sustainability at My Baggage and have already implemented several practices including a cycle to work scheme, recycling facilities, reducing paper waste, and measures to save electricity.

However, we also recognise how important it is for our customers to have greener options when using our service.

This blog covers what it means to be carbon neutral and what options are available to the customers shipping to our 200+ destinations.

What does it mean?

Carbon Footprint

A Carbon Footprint is a metric that determines the amount of emissions a company emits as a result of its operations. It’s a standard gauge that allows for comparisons between multiple variables.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral shipping can be achieved by companies reducing their emissions through various offset initiatives, thereby reducing their Carbon Footprint.

Carbon Neutral | My Baggage

What is My Baggage Doing?

We are pleased to offer our customers carbon neutral options on the majority of our routes.

On the routes that carbon neutral options are available you will see this:

Carbon Neutral Shipping available

As well as supporting various green initiatives, this carbon neutral option also contributes to:

  • Greener Vehicles & Energy
  • Efficient Route Planning
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  • Carbon Neutral Buildings

We are on a pathway to a more sustainable future and we are taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. Working alongside our shipping partners, it is intended for greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 2030, leading to net zero emissions by 2050.

Eco | My Baggage

How does Climate Neutral Shipping Work?

Climate neutral shipping works with projects to offset the emissions emitted during transporting shipments.

Our partners calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced during handling and transportation of shipments, using a verified measurement process. To offset these emissions “Gold standard”, traceable carbon credits are bought from recognised climate protection projects to fully compensate the emissions emitted. You can see the projects our partner DHL is currently working on here.

Eco | My Baggage

What can you do?

There’s many steps you can take, including:

Being Smart with your Packaging

Use eco-friendly packaging and avoid plastics. Pack items efficiently to reduce the number of packages you ship.

Supporting Carbon Neutral Shipping

Supporting a carbon neutral approach will provide greener operations and protect the environment. You may not think it can have a big impact, however, your support could make a big difference! When you next book with My Baggage, consider using the carbon neutral options that are available, these will be available on the final page of your order before your pay.


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