Christmas is an entirely different experience when you’re a university student…

1. You’re ready to make ALL of the plans with your pals back home because you haven’t seen any of them in SO long.


2. But reality hits you when you realise you don’t have time for fun thanks to the few dozen assignments you have to finish.

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3. Not to mention that the looming January exams are slowly eating away at any hint of your festive spirit.


4. To your horror, you arrive home to find that your family committed the ultimate betrayal: they put the Christmas tree up without you.

“How could you not have waited?! I am your child!”


5. Then, to add insult to injury, you’re expected to buy presents for your family because you’re an “adult”, but you literally have about £2.60 to your name.

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6. Nevertheless, it’s all made better by the fact that every time you open the fridge, it actually has FOOD IN IT.

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7. You’re constantly dropping hints to your mum about the foods you’ve been missing most in the hopes she cooks them all for you.

(In the hopes she cooks them all for you.)

8. For a while, at least, you don’t have to worry about cooking your own meals.

9. And, whilst at home, you don’t have to experience an irrational fear of tea towels every time you walk into the kitchen.

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10. But you can’t help but feel deeply offended when you’re expected to pull your weight around the house because you are a GUEST.


11. You very quickly start to mourn your independence.


12. Trying to round up your hometown pals for a night out together is an absolute mission.

The group chat is a total mess.


13. And when you eventually DO get to go out with your pals, your family are all, “You’re going out? But didn’t you say you had too much uni work to do?”


14. And let’s not forget, the classic, “Where are you going? And what time will you be home?”


15. Nights out in your hometown are great, because you get to spend them with people you love and never get to see anymore.

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16. But you also have to spend them trying to avoid the people who know you’re in town but who you don’t want to see.

Image result for avoiding ron gif

17. At Christmas events you find yourself stuck with family bombarding you with questions about your love life and post-graduation plans.


18. And a lot of them see it as their opportunity to deliver you some unwelcome home truths.


19. Throughout the holidays, you continuously convince yourself that January is ages away and you don’t need to revise just yet.

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20. But before you know it, the return to university draws closer and you begin to panic about how little you have actually achieved during your time off.


21. You end up feeling as though you’ve blinked and the holidays are over.


22. And even though this break is only just ending, you’re already looking up when you’re next off.


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