Volumetric Weight Explained

Everything you need to know about how our prices are calculated.

*Please note that this information only applies to our European and International routes. For more info on domestic UK/NI shipments, please see the bottom of this page.

SuitcasesTo ensure that you’re getting the very best value for your money, we have various weight bands, each at different price ranges, across all of our international routes. For example, you might want to ship a 20kg piece of luggage to Germany, or perhaps a 30kg piece of luggage to the USA. Our fantastic services can meet your specific needs.

So how are our prices calculated?

There are two types of measurements that are taken into account when calculating the weight/price band that your suitcase/parcel fits into. They are as follows:

Actual Weight

This refers to the physical weight of the item. The overall price of the shipment is based on the greater value between the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

Volumetric Weight

Although it may sound confusing, it’s actually quite easy to determine the volumetric weight of your item. It is calculated using the following formula:

Using CM and KG

(Depth x Height x Width)/5000 = Vol. Weight

BoxesThe overall price of the shipment is based on the greater value between the actual weight and the volumetric weight. The above formula takes into account the size of the items as well as weight. This means that light, large items may cost the same as small, heavy items.

For example: A 15kg suitcase that measures 50cm x 70cm x 40cm. The actual weight is 15kg however, the volumetric weight is 28kg, as (50x70x40)/5000 = 28. So, this suitcase would fall into the 30kg price bracket.


Using INCHES and Ibs

(Depth x Height x Width)/139 = Vol. Weight

For example: A 40Ibs suitcase that measures 12 inches x 28 inches x 19 inches. The actual weight is 40Ibs however, the volumetric weight is 46 pounds, as (50x70x40)/139 = 45.92. So, this suitcase would fall into the 44-66Ibs price bracket.


Items over 1.2m or 47 inches

If your item is over 1.2m or 47 inches (on any length) it has to be sorted manually, there is a charge of £/$/€80 per item.

The maximum length you can send on any international services is 220cm or 86 inches. We cannot accept any items over this size.


Domestic UK/NI Shipments:

Within the UK and Northern Ireland, you are allowed to send up to 30kg per item. When you make your booking, our system calculates if your item is too large. You can check your items using our size checker tool. Restrictions on these routes are as follows:

The longest length must not exceed 1.5m

Longest length + 2(breadth + width) = No More Than 300cm


It’s as simple as that! Got a question? Feel free to contact us.

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