It’s January. AKA, the worst month to be a student.

Good morning to everyone except the person who invented January exams.

1. You thought this year would be the year that you’d be really organised with your studies.

The New Celebrity Apprentice 2016 nbc confidence snooki

2. But then the January exam season crept up on you WAY too soon.

netflix season 1 scared stranger things hiding

3. You couldn’t even fully enjoy Christmas because the impending doom was so real.

4. Even still, you couldn’t bring yourself to do any work over the break.

Image result for but i already did something today gif

5. And when anyone asks you why, you only have one answer:

Image result for we were on a break gif

6. But now you have to learn an entire semester of work in just a few weeks.

Satisfied Customer reactions retro coffee help

7. And you’re skipping uni to catch up on uni because you skipped too much uni.

HULU tv worried fxx oh no

8. Basically, the year has barely begun and you’re already contemplating dropping out.

Bachelor in Paradise season 3 episode 6 work abc

9. The most comforting words you can hear right now are “I haven’t started yet either”.

hug scrubs bromance hugging best friends

10. When you eventually start to revise, you realise how screwed you really are.

shocked oh no anal the nanny wide eyes

11. You spend all night in the library and your uni friends find you the next morning like:


12. You find yourself at that point of desperation where you’re actually calculating the lowest mark you need to pass.


 13. Eventually, all you can do is face your fate.


14. You give yourself a pep talk and actually begin to feel lowkey confident about the whole thing.


15. You got this, everything is gonna be okay.

reactions liz lemon lets do this its on

16. But then you read the first question on your first exam and it immediately makes you wish you hadn’t bothered with uni at all.


17. When it’s over, you quickly disappear before people start discussing their answers.

fire the office escape michael scott get out

18. Because you just know you’ll end up like this:

19. At the end of it all, you’re just like:


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