37 Things You Won’t Miss About University

As recent university graduates, we can hand on heart say, that you will desperately miss university when it’s over…

You’ll miss Freshers week, long holidays, your friends, day time drinking and using the weather as an excuse to stay in bed and not go to lectures.

Nevertheless, whilst your brain will be filled with plenty of fond memories of university life, there are certain things you will absolutely NOT miss about being a student…

1. Sitting in lectures with a hangover so bad that you genuinely feel death would be a welcome escape.

2. The unfathomably long periods of time between student loan instalments and trying to make £1,000 last for three months.

john travolta confused travolta poor wallet

3. Dealing with Student Finance in general.

hate brooklyn 99 i hate you chelsea peretti

4. That awful feeling you get when you’re uni work is sucking and you realise you might not get your degree and, if that happens, your life will fall apart.

life photography scared drawing full

5. Blackboard. The fact that it always seems to crash and lecturers just have no damn idea how to use it.

mad why hate anger fuck you

6. Writing an assignment and realising that you’re not actually sure what the question was but you’re halfway through and it’s too late to start again.

computer shocked paul rudd oh shit disgusted

7. Drama. The endless, endless drama that you can’t even pretend to care about any more.

bored boring cricket megan fox crickets

8. The weird smell that the library has and the fact that it’s only ever uncomfortably warm or unbearably cold.

gross disgusted smell eww smelly

9. The anxious feeling in your brain that you’re forgetting to do something important. Which you almost certainly are.

VICE nervous anxious magic the gathering

10. Skipping lectures in one module to catch up on another and ending up in this hideous cycle of being behind in everything in your life.

sad everything trigger falling apart

11. Living with other people.

MGM alone solo 1994 hugh grant

12. Passive-aggressive rubbish and dish pile-ups.

13. Reading lists.

book reading beauty and the beast gaston

14. Buying wine based on the price and percentage rather than the kind/brand/flavour.

stacerizz new girl zooey deschanel wine fox

15. Referencing.

reactions jonah hill dont understand i understand nothing dont get it

16. Group projects.

spotlight randy savage macho man group project

17. Not checking your bank account and just waiting until your card is declined before panicking/asking your parents for money.

reactions poor broke heidi montag im poor

18. Trying to hit word counts.

19. Exams.

community school study studying

20. Freshers. When you’re not a fresher.

old aged devopsreactions

21. Waiting in queues to get into clubs that turn out to be a waste of time and money.

dance dancing al pacino michelle pfeiffer scarface

22. Public transport.

bus oscar isaac inside llewyn davis film the coen brothers

23. The fear.

Star Wars fear yoda afraid fearful

24. Library security guards.

police security cops cop super troopers

25. Cleaners. Knocking on your door at 6 am or just bursting in unannounced.


26. Sharing bathrooms and kitchens with randomers and the fact that everything is inexplicably sticky.

infomercial gross toilet yuck the worst

27. People stealing your food.

food animal steal sneaky

28. Crappy wifi.

Jess Mac internet wifi gay sparkle

29. Having to pay to use the washing machine and driers.

crying emma roberts chanel oberlin not fair scream queens

30. That weird damp smell that all university halls have.

31. Promoters. Everywhere. And that awkward ‘pretend to text’ thing you have to do to avoid eye contact.

32. Pretending to be excited when someone suggests shots when really you’re just holding back the urge to vomit the whole time and praying that if you drink enough water afterwards, you won’t be dying of a hangover in the morning.

nicki minaj fake smile not feeling it

33. Having to drink the paint stripping liquid that is Glen’s Vodka because you can’t afford anything else.

sick vomit keeping up with the kardashians kris kardashian

34. Textbooks.

35. Having to choose between food and alcohol more often than you’d like to admit.

36. Never having anything to wear because you’ve worn all your outfits to death and you can’t afford anything else.

37. Literally counting down the seconds until a lecture ends.

music 90s music video fashion britney spears

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