Your last year of being a student.

Because every final year student knows it’s a real horror story.

1. At first, you’re glad to be back and you’re so happy to see all of your uni friends.


2. Yet, it doesn’t take you long to change your tune.

american horror story ahs hell tate langdon tate

3. Because it suddenly dawns on you how much work you actually have to do this year.

4. And all of it counts. ALL OF IT.

ahs tate there is no god

5. The reality that you only have one year left to be a student is truly heart-breaking.

6. You’ve been in final year for all of two seconds and your parents are already on your back about post-graduation plans.


7. To make matters worse, your dissertation creeps up on you way too quickly.

american horror story surprise american horror story coven tv ahs

8. You’re stuck between wanting to make the most of your final year, but being drowned in too much responsibility.

9. Nights out start to become a distant memory.

miss i miss you miss you black and white tumblr

10. Yet, when your friends DO force you to go out, you can’t get into it, because the burden of final year is just too much.

11. You begrudge freshers for going out every single night without a care in the world.

Image result for ahs hate gif

12. Every single time you go into the library, every seat is taken by freshers who REALLY don’t need to be there.

Image result for american horror story reactions

13. And when you do eventually get a seat, you don’t leave until your friend finds you there at 10am the next morning.


14. There are a few things you would say to your dissertation if it were a real person.

Image result for american horror story reactions

15. How you feel whenever someone starts bragging about how close they are to a first:

ahs evan peters kit walker

16. You’re just 100% convinced that everyone is coping better than you.

american horror story ahs thaddeus montgomery

17. And you just wish you’d started everything sooner.


18. You only have one answer when someone asks you how final year is going:


19. Your closest uni friends try to reassure you, but it only makes you feel worse.


20. But despite all of the stress, you try your best to have a positive outlook.


20. When you finally finish your dissertation, the relief you feel is like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

american horror story jessica lange ian mcshane 2x09 ahs asylum

21. FINALLY, you’re able to celebrate final year with all of your closest uni friends.


22. At least until you realise you now have to start thinking seriously about a career…

black and white world american horror story ahs evan peters

Terrifying. *shudders*

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