Starting uni in September?

Here is everything you need to know to survive your first year as a student.

1. Get to your uni halls early so you can claim the best cupboard in the kitchen and the best shelf in the fridge.

luna fridge

2. You’ll be so stressed about making a good first impression during Freshers’ Week but you won’t talk to half of those people past first semester. You’ll meet your actual friends by embracing the weirdo that you are.

Disney Pixar love funny dance dancing

3. Call your parents every day so that when you ask for money they can’t accuse you of only calling when you want money.

money mommy i need money

4. Just expect your food to get eaten by your flatmates then you won’t be disappointed.

dance food victory raccoon steals

5. You might think you’ll make that 9am lecture after a big night out. But you’re wrong.

6. Don’t be that a**hole who does no work for a group project.

work lazy office space not working movies

7. Don’t be that a**hole who does all the work for a group project.

Cheezburger test doug study exam

8. Reading Week should probably be renamed Lie In Bed For Five Days Straight Watching Netflix Week.

eating king of the hill lazy chips koth

9. When you email your lecturers, don’t ever expect an fast reply.

work computer monkey working keyboard

10. Even if you attend every single class, by the end of the year your lecturer still won’t have any idea who you are or what your name is.

RealityTVGIFs real housewives rhony real housewives of new york ramona singer

11. If you don’t want to be asked a question in class, sit close to the mature students. They like to talk.

Syfy yes lost girl eager hand raise

12. 40% seems like a pretty crappy result now but in a few months you’ll feel like a genius if you get anything higher.

smart genius lanny poffo leaping lanny poffo lanny the genius poffo

13. “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.” No you won’t. Write it down.

oops yikes mistake uh oh yeesh

14. Don’t go to the library with your friends if you want to actually do work.

Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director orange is the new black oitnb titanic bad idea

15. Don’t go to the library without headphones if you want to actually do work.

tv reactions eyes eye roll eyeroll

16. Save 50ps and £1 coins for the washing machines and bus fares.

coins money gold

17. You’ll bring loads of clothes to uni but spend 97% of your time in your pajamas.

anyone scale bananas pyjamas debatesrsly

18. Checking your bank balance will never make you feel good. 

The Simpsons lisa simpson season 17 episode 8 upset

19. Fire drills only ever happen at the most inconvenient times. Like 5am. On a Tuesday. When you’re in someone else’s room and you’re trying to keep it on the DL.

vampire diaries inconvenient

20. Don’t ever tell your parents when you do well because you’ll increase their expectations.

smart dj khaled compliment you smart you very smart

21. You could skip a lecture and just read the slides on Blackboard later. But we all know you’re not going to do that.

evil laugh arthur

22. When they tell you all the textbooks on your reading list are required, they’re lying.

liar legally blonde

23. When your friend tells you they’ve done no revision, they’re a dirty lying snake.

24. This.

25. You can survive a full week on less than a fiver.

26. You’ll have no money but still somehow be able to afford vodka and new clothes.

pizza health poor spent money

27. No matter how hard you try, you will never remember how to do Harvard referencing.

Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director wtf confused comedy central amy schumer

28. No matter how much work you have, your friends will persuade you to go out.

29. There’s no such thing as going out and having ‘just one drink.’

lol laughing laugh joker jack nicholson

30. It’s possible to be so stressed that you start to feel unsettlingly calm.


31. It’s possible to have the best and worst time of your life at once.

32. Vegetables are for grown ups and rich people. A bowl of pasta for dinner every night is fine. Kind of.

parks and recreation parks and rec ron swanson salad vegetables

33. There’s no such thing as free time anymore.

34. Naps save lives.

Victoria's Secret PINK school college tired sleep

35. Despite spending six hours a day in school and studying at least 3 different subjects, when you get to uni, reading more than 4 pages seems like an unreasonable amount of work.

36. First year does count.

graduation 90s cartoons reality

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