Whether you’re off to university half an hour down the road or halfway across the world – moving into student accommodating can be quite a daunting prospect. It’s probably going to be a brand new area full of unfamiliar faces and places. Not to mention the fact that it’s likely to be your first time away from home for an extended period of time, so that first night in your new living space is going to make you feel all of the emotions.

It’s no secret that (most) student accommodations aren’t exactly the most luxurious living spaces, but thankfully, there are loads of ways in which you can make your new space more comfortable to live in. You can truly make it into your home away from home – a vital step in keeping the dreaded Freshers homesickness at bay.

Our team here at My Baggage is made up of recent graduates, and so each of us has tried and tested various student accommodations in our time. So we decided to put our heads together and came up with a few super easy ways to make your student accommodation a little bit more ‘you’.

1. Unpack.

It really goes without saying, but sometimes it’s just too easy to avoid the dreaded task of unpacking when you arrive at university. Which means that you end up living out of your suitcase for 3+ months. What’s the point in unpacking all of your things when you’ll be packing up again come Christmas time, right?

Wrong. Sure, you’re only there for a short period of time before you have to pack again to go home for the holidays – but by not unpacking, you run the risk of finding it that much more difficult to get settled. It’ll feel like you’re only there “temporarily” – which, technically, you are – but if you want your room to feel homely, your best bet is to create a sense of ownership by putting your things away. Trust us, you’ll instantly feel much more organised and settled.

2. Rearrange the furniture.

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Rooms in student accommodation are all fairly standard, and most are laid out in a similar fashion. Put your own spin on your room by rearranging the furniture to suit your own personal taste. It may not be a very big job, it could be something as simple as moving the position of your desk so that you get more natural light – but if it feels right for you, it’s the best way to put your own stamp on the room and make it feel like yours.

3. Clean.

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As much as you might like to call it an ‘organised mess’ – living in a generally messy and cluttered room can only add to your stress. You’ll find it that much harder to stay organised and focused. After all, it’s true what they say – a tidy environment is a tidy mind.

If you live in student accommodation with shared facilities such as a communal kitchen or bathroom, be sure to make a cleaning rota early on so that everyone knows where they stand. Nobody wants their kitchen overflowing with mouldy dishes, or to have to fear stepping foot into their bathroom – so get on with it to avoid any housemate confrontations.

4. Add personal touches.

When you arrive at your new student accommodation, your room will essentially be a blank canvas. You’re going to have to live in it for the entire academic year, so why not make it tailored to you? As well as rearranging the furniture as mentioned above, one of the the best ways to give your new space that cosy touch of home is by adding a few personal touches. Whether it be new bedding, some cushions or throws, photos or posters – adding things that are more ‘you’ will make your room that much more enticing and comfortable.

5. Lighting.

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Your new uni room is likely to come equipped with one ceiling light fixture, and maybe a desk lamp if you’re lucky. Believe it or not, lighting can play a huge role in making or breaking the atmosphere of a room. To create a more relaxed environment, invest in some fairy lights, or even a bedside lamp. This will dramatically change the mood of the room and ultimately make it a much more relaxing place to be.

6. Add some greenery.

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Never underestimate the power of greenery to make a space feel homely. They can add subtle pops of colour to your room, really transforming your space. You can opt for a beautiful house-plant (just don’t forget to water it) or you could go for something much more low-maintenance, like a cactus, which pretty much requires zero effort and still looks attractive.

7. Add some homely smells.


Rooms in student accommodation are known to have that typical musty smell that doesn’t make you feel any way inclined to spend any time in there. Your sense of smell is a pretty powerful thing, so don’t under-estimate the power of the right aroma. Consider the scents that make you feel more at home – perhaps a particular scented candle, or pots of herbs and spices that remind you of home-cooking.

Chances are your student accommodation may not allow candles for health and safety reasons – if so, you can always opt for air fresheners, reed diffusers or room sprays instead.

Follow our advice and your uni room will be feeling like your second home in no time. Homesickness? What homesickness?

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