When you were at school, you used to LIVE for the summer holidays…

But now that you’re a Uni student, you’re desperate for them to end so you can reunite with your uni friends and feel independent again. (I.e, be able to stay in bed until 2pm on a Tuesday without you mum nagging you to get up and do something with your life.)

21 Signs That You’re Ready To Go Back To Uni After The Summer Break

1. You have been literally counting down the days. You have an event in your calendar and you’re excited to go to bed every night because when you wake up you’ll be one day closer.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment excited bride wars girls yes

2. Your friends at home are sick of hearing your uni stories. 

3. Being in your home town makes you feel sick and claustrophobic. You’re too big for this small town sh*t.

4. Your sleeping pattern is getting dangerously close to that of a normal person.

5. Your stuff is already packed. (Partly because you never bothered to unpack in the first place. Lazy.)

pack suitcase packing trip

6. You hope your uni friends will notice that 5lbs you lost during the summer.

weight bridget jones scale tv shocked

7. You’ve already planned your outfit for your first day back.

mean girls shopping rachel mcadams bitch mean

8. You’ve logged into your uni email account to see if there’s anything interesting in there. Which there isn’t. It’s just full of spam from the 10,000 societies you decided to sign up for last September.

9. You considered re-reading notes and preparing work for the next semester. But you didn’t ACTUALLY do it. Obviously.

1o. You can’t remember what it feels like to be so hungover that you’re convinced you might not wake up if you have a nap. And you miss that feeling.

11. You think you’ve forgotten how to use a pen.

12. You’ve been off for so long, that getting up every day and doing nothing is making you have an existential crisis and question the whole point of your entire life.

13. You can’t remember the last time you wore anything but pyjamas. Or the last time you put makeup on.

14. You can’t remember the last time you went out more than once a week.

15. You’re excited about your student loan coming in and you’re already planning how to spend it.

BET Awards rihanna money throw cash

16. You’re sick of telling your mum where you’re going, who with and when you’ll be back every time you leave the house.

17. Your siblings have pushed you very, very close to an act of violence.

18. You’re just done with eating healthy home-cooked meals every night. You just want to have a bowl of Coco Pops for dinner without your parents passing comment on your immature life choices.

food dream hungry eat dreams

19. You’ve gathered ideas for upcoming fancy dress parties and you know what yo’ll be dressed as for Halloween.

holiday armadillo

20. You have so much gossip to tell your uni friends that you’ve written it down because you’re scared you’ll forget it.

21. You actually kind of miss lectures.

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