Your first ever university term is a whirlwind of emotions.

Chris Pratt is literally you at uni and he doesn’t even know it.

1. You’re super excited about actually getting into uni in the first place.

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2. But you’re not so thrilled about having to pack your whole life up into some suitcases and a couple of boxes.

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3. When you finally get to uni, your parents offer to pay for your first ever food shop.

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4. So of course, you give them a list of the most important necessities.

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5. Eventually, the time comes when you have to say goodbye to your parents.

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6. And when they leave, you suddenly feel totally panicked about this whole being-at-uni-on-your-own thing.

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7. Because you seriously start to question your ability to live on your own.

tv parks and recreation chris pratt andy dwyer

8. Because eating healthily isn’t as easy as it looks.

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9. And your cooking skills in general are pretty questionable.


10. And exercising? Forget about it.

funny parks and recreation running chris pratt diet

11. Sometimes you try way to hard to impress people.

tv parks and recreation chris pratt andy dwyer i know what things are

12. But you begin to embrace the student way of life and soon discover it’s a ton of fun.

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13. You go HARD during Freshers’ and you’re legit having the best time ever.

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14. That is until you wake up after a night out to find you’ve been tagged in hundreds of embarrassing photos.

andy dwyer parks and recreation chris pratt funny face suspicious

15. And realise you signed up to literally everything at the Freshers’ Fair because you were still drunk from the night before and had no idea what was going on.

interview chris pratt distracted captivated

16. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Freshers’ Flu attacks.

tv parks and recreation chris pratt

17. Oh wait, they could get worse. You check your bank balance.

andy dwyer

18. You’re suddenly regretting every single one of your decisions.

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19. Just when you’re on the brink of an emotional breakdown, your saving grace arrives in the form of your student loan!

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20. When classes finally start, you’re SO psyched for your first lecture.

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21. But that feeling doesn’t last long.

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22. Especially when your work begins to pile up.

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23. So you call your parents for some sympathy.

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24. And stress eat just a little bit.

25. You don’t even feel human anymore.

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26. You wonder if you’re really cut out for university life at all.

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27. But you give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself you got this.

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At least you think you do.

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