40 things every art student experiences…

1. When you tell people what you’re studying, you get ‘that face’ that basically tells you that your life choices up until this point have been really dumb.

oprah thinking think side eye squint

2. And they’ll say, “What do you plan to do with that degree?”

eye roll eyeroll jemima kirke tv movies

3. Your parents are concerned for your future and constantly point out job opportunities and you’re just like…

4. When people ask: “Can you draw me?!”

jennifer lawrence money make it rain agnes the poker house

5. Or “Can you make/draw something for my sister’s birthday?”

jennifer lawrence money make it rain agnes the poker house

6. Or “Can you design my next tattoo?!”

jennifer lawrence money make it rain agnes the poker house

Because obviously this whole art thing is just a silly hobby, duh.

7. You find ink/charcoal/pencil/paint in the weirdest places – even on days when you haven’t done any art work.

good stain

8. You can’t have nice things because everything you own is covered in ink/charcoal/pencil/paint/dirt.

marlon brando dirty a streetcar named desire tank top stanley kowalski

9. And also you can’t afford nice things anyway because art supplies cost more than solid gold bars.

john travolta confused travolta poor wallet

10. When you have an itch on your face you can never scratch it because there might be charcoal on your finger and you may give yourself a Hitler tache.

dog pet scratch fur good dog

11. You’ve drawn naked people. It was funny at the start but now nudity has lost all meaning and you can shade a testicle without a second thought.

titanic kate winslet naked nude model

12. You always have to buy really weird objects and materials.

conan obrien what the hell what is that

13. You still have scars on your legs from carrying huge GCSE and A-Level art folders.

harry potter scar sorcerer's stone

14. You’re always carrying something awkward/heavy.

tv friends ross ross geller pivot

15. You have literally watched paint dry.

The Comeback HBO tv hbo lisa kudrow looking

16. When someone looks at your unfinished work.

17. You have eaten and spent the night in the art department. You basically live there.

futurama badass fry rock on slob

18. When someone says: “You’re so lucky you just get to draw all day. I have like ten proper assignments to do.”

things scream make lil dicky guaranteed

19. You have sustained an injury, using dangerous tools and/or equipment that you knew may hurt you, but you went ahead and used them anyway. Because, art.

chris farley reactions angry injury injured

20. The struggle of having a great idea for a project and wanting to hell everyone, but also being scared that someone will steal it.

21. When you’re super proud of something and you get a negative critique.

22. You’ve drunk your paint water.

23. And you’ve put a paintbrush in your drink.

24. There’s always one lecturer you want to punch.

hate brad pitt i hate you friends angry

25. Your laptop is constantly overheating and on the brink of death due to all the software on it. And you can’t afford to buy a new one. Because art supplies.

26. There’s just no point in ever getting a manicure.

nails nail art manicure 80s geena davis

27. You are strangely comforted by the smell of oil paints.

28. You’re pretty sure that paint fumes have affected you in some way.

29. When you create something you’re really proud of and then post it online, you know someone’s going to plagiarise it.

30. Things that drive you to murder: when you’re using a good piece of charcoal and it breaks.

31. Nothing makes you happier than free supplies.

32. Well.. apart from maybe class trips to museums.

33. You have genuinely had to choose between food and art supplies.

That was a long, hungry week.

demi lovato sad help dead alone

34. When friends or housemates touch or move your art stuff.

rage tv

35. When you get the studio to yourself.

36. When the lecturer comes to take a look at everyone’s work.

scared nervous kermit shaking kermit the frog

37. There’s someone on your course with dreadlocks/a shaved head/pink hair/all of the above.

movies neve campbell october 90s movies witches

38. When your parents ask to see your work and you get kinda scared because it’s pornographic or else so weird that they’ll think you’re a psycho.

lady gaga dont judge me

39. You appreciate animated films now because animation is the most frustrating thing on the planet.

kanye west genius

40. When you run out of fingers to smudge with, so you have to go and wash your hands right when you just started to get into your work.

morbid animated disney cartoon dark

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