Why was Pavlov’s hair so soft?

Classical conditioning.

And if that made you laugh, we think you’ll probably relate to these 25 things that only psychology students understand.

Or maybe you won’t. Nah, forget it, you probably won’t.

(*reverse psychology*)

1. You want to politely slap people when they say psychology is an easy degree.

wednesday animated GIF

2. Especially the high and mighty bio and neuro people who claim psychology isn’t even a real science.

3. Even though you study THE SAME stuff.

4. When people make vague references to Freud because they read a Wikipedia page on Oedipus once and now assume they know everything.

5. To whoever invented SPSS.

6. You want this Freudian Slip Halloween costume.

7. You have a genuine fear of being detained by the government if anyone ever comes across your Internet search history.

8. It makes you want to punch things when people say ‘I’m so depressed.’ or ‘I’m so OCD.’

9. The only thing you desire in life is to get p<0.000001. #goals

10. Your lecturers are slightly creepy.

11. When people say: “Oh you study Psychology – diagnose me!”

12. Or “Read my mind! What am I thinking right now?”

13. Or “What does my dream mean?”

14. You know more about drugs than the average university student.

15. Your friends think you spend all your time psychoanalysing them.

16. But really, you’re too busy psychoanalysing yourself because your lectures make you think you have sociopathic tendencies.

17. Although… you have done some ‘unofficial experiments’ on friends.

18. Like using reverse psychology on them and feeling like an absolute champ when it works. 

Those poor, poor unwitting guinea pigs.

19. You have more highlighter pens than friends.

Via iamcoffeechic.com

20. It kills you that your non-psychology studying friends don’t get your incredible jokes.

Like this one:

Or this cracker:

Being around you is just 24/7 comedy gold:

21. When you see a naughty child you think of Little Albert. 

22. You feel ridiculously smug when you watch TV shows like Criminal Minds and understand what all the big words mean.

23. But then you go to class and hear words you don’t understand, the smugness fades away and you start to panic.

24. Every time you hear a statistic in the news, you question its validity based on the sample size and the methods used.

25. Bowlby’s 44  juvenile thieves 1944 is pretty much the only thing you remembered from your A-Levels. And only because it had the number 44 in it twice.


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