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The whole point of going to university is to get a degree.


But, as anyone who has ever been to university will tell you, the experience is educational in more ways than one.

University isn’t just about learning. It’s an enriching period in life; which grants you your first true taste of independence and freedom, as well as the opportunity to broaden your horizons and meet a ton of awesome new people.

And *we think* this is especially true for students who choose to go to university away from home. Here’s why…


1. First up. No one will know all the embarrassing crap you did in the past, so you can basically reinvent yourself into this amazing, well-rounded, intelligent, and interesting person.


2. You’re forced to learn to do things. Like cook an actual edible meal and wash your clothes without dying everything pink. Both of these things will probably take a few attempts to get right.

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3. Your parents will be proud of your independence and all your new achievements. Like being able to boil an egg without Googling how to do it.

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4. You can come home drunk, vomit in the middle of the floor and no one will shout at you. The only person who can be disappointed in you is yourself. 

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5. You get to do your own food shopping and buy whatever you want, without your mum saying either a) that’s unhealthy! or b) that’s too expensive.

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6. You can eat Coco Pops for your dinner for a week straight and not have to listen to your parents’ disapproving comments regarding your immature life choices.

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7. You can tell your parents the reason you’re poor is due to the fact that you’ve spent all your money on textbooks and transport and they will never know that you’ve actually bought an entirely new wardrobe…

Until you come home for Christmas and you have to lie and say your brand new Topshop coat was a tenner from Primark.

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8. If you’re moving to another country, people will think you’re all strange and exotic.

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However, they will make you say certain words in your accent because it sounds funny. This is especially true for Northern Irish students.

Ay had uh parr sharr fer haff an arr.


9. You only really get one chance to live in university halls. And it will be one of the most memorable years of your life.

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10. You appreciate home more. And the little things, like you know, central heating and a clean kitchen full of edible food.

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Do not underestimate how much you will appreciate eating meals that you did not have to pay for or cook for yourself.

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That’s true happiness. Like, for real.

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11. You get to explore a whole new town or city and then brag about how wise and worldly you are when you go home for the holidays.


12. You meet different kinds of people. Some you’ll love and some will make you lose faith in humanity. But in both cases, they will help you form your own opinions and develop your people skills.



13. If you don’t move away, you’ll always have that feeling of what if.


14. You find out how strong your friendships from home are. And your mates can come to visit.

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15. You will be forced to spend time on your own, which is essential for personal development.

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16. Your parents don’t have to know every stupid thing you do, how late you’re staying out or who you’re spending time with.

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17. You can walk around your room in your underwear or as naked as the day you were born. Unless you have cleaners who don’t make a habit of knocking.


18. When you start paying rent and doing your own food shopping, filling out forms, and booking your appointments you realise that you have transformed into a competent adult who can keep yourself ALIVE! Hoorah for that.

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