The countdown to Freshers’ Week 2016 is on…

Welcome week – or Freshers’ Week as it’s more commonly known – takes place at the beginning of every academic year. It is an introductory period to give new students the opportunity to settle into the student way of life before courses begin.

Freshers’ Week varies at every single university, with an abundance of different parties and events to attend every night of the week. Though at some point during Freshers’ Week, you can sure that you will be invited to attend Freshers’ Fair.

Freshers’ Fair – What Is It?

Freshers’ Fair – or ‘societies fair’ as it’s sometimes known – is typically held in the middle or towards the end of Freshers’ Week. It gives new (and current) students the chance to discover all of the societies and clubs at your institution, as well as a chance to find out about the best student deals your university and local organisations have to offer.

Freshers’ Fair often takes place in a large building on campus and can make for a really exciting day – expect to receive a bunch of freebies (such as pizza), goodie bags and enough pens to last your entire student life and beyond.

Who Will Be There?

You’ll find hundreds of exhibitors at your university’s Freshers’ Fair – from student activity groups, to societies and sports clubs – there will be a bunch of stalls with lots to see and do. You might also find external companies and organisations there in attendance showcasing their best student deals. Check on your specific university’s website to see a full list of who will be there.


Freshers’ Fair makes for the perfect opportunity to sign up for clubs and societies that represent some of your most beloved passions, allowing you to meet new, like-minded people with similar interests. It even gives you the chance to try something completely new – which can be just as exciting.

Societies And Clubs

A university society is typically an organisation operated by students, for students, at a university institution. Societies are great places to meet new people, make life-long friends and, if you can get involved, you can even develop your skills and boost employment prospects. There’s a society for just about everything at university – from professional hobbies and causes, to obscure and sometimes downright hilarious hobbies and interests.

A Freshers’ Fair, you will find representatives from every imaginable society. Expect the weird and the wonderful – from extreme ironing societies, to music and film societies, and even Nicolas Cage appreciation societies. Yup, we’re 100% serious.


University societies can have as few as just two or thee members – but the larger, more popular organisations can have hundreds of members. If you happen to join a society, you can participate as much or as little as you like. Societies will typically hold weekly meetings and numerous social events, so there’s always something to do. That being said, you’re not required to attend them all.

Many students sign up to a dozen societies during Freshers’ Fair and eventually narrow down their favourites when they get a proper feel for them after the first few meetings.

So get out there and get involved in your university’s Freshers’ Fair – joining a society or club might just be one of the best decisions you make during your time at university.

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