1. Those annoying third years that warned you in second year were, in fact, right.

giphy (28)

2. You will, in time, become one of those annoying third years who warn second years of what’s to come.

giphy (30)

3. You actually have to go to the library this year… I know right?! However, you’ll spend the majority of your time there complaining about being there on Twitter.

giphy (31)

4. You become top of the hierarchy (Yipee!) which gives you certain confidence when wandering around on night out.

giphy (33)

5. You now completely understand how those year aboves managed to tell you were a first year in first year.

giphy (32)

6. Despite planning to start your dissertation before Christmas, you’ll probably crank out a good 500 words in mid-January.

giphy (29)

7. Life/plans after uni are NEVER, ever discussed.

giphy (34)

8. You start feeling incredibly bad for missing a lecture… or even worse, a seminar. Like really, really bad- why has this never happened before?

giphy (35)

9. Feeling like you’ve been practically robbed when you find out it costs £15 to print and bind your dissertation (are my tuition fees not enough?!)

giphy (36)

10. Being told by your lecturers that third year will go ridiculously quickly. Yet still being shocked when third year goes by ridiculously quickly.

giphy (37)

11. Harvard referencing is, in short, the devil reincarnated.

giphy (38)

12. Wondering why you don’t pay rent to both city and Collegiate campus libraries as you seem to be spending pretty much all of your time there.

giphy (39)

13. Through two years of trial and error, you now find yourself in an absolutely fab living situation.

giphy (40)

14. Your lecturers tell you that gaining relevant work experience is vital to securing employment after university. Work experience? What work experience?

giphy (43)

15. Being massively underwhelmed by graduation. I’m super proud and all but what’s with all the speeches?

giphy (41)

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