A Riverdale depiction of trying to meet that deadline you’ve been obstinately ignoring.

1. You start by… well, not starting.

Madelaine Petsch riverdale disgusted do not want dislike GIF

2. The deadline is weeks away, right?

Madelaine Petsch happy smiling idk shrug GIF

3. Your parents call and ask if you’ve started yet.


4. Then you overhear someone on your course say they finished theirs weeks ago.

giphy (10)

5. And it suddenly dawns on you just how much work you have to do.

 scream screaming riverdale cw afraid GIF

6. Eventually, you accept your fate and decide to check the question choices on Blackboard.

 riverdale cw the cw veronica camila mendes GIF

7. But it just makes you wish you could avoid the whole thing for a bit longer.

 shocked riverdale cw gasp the cw GIF

8. But since that’s no longer an option, you drag yourself to the library to find some inspiration.

 amino youtubers riverdale josie and the pussycats GIF

9. You try really hard to get into the zone.

 season 1 angry episode 10 riverdale cw GIF

10. But your attention span is… well, terrible.

 blink riverdale blinking cw the cw GIF

11. It doesn’t really help that you’re not even really sure what you’re doing.

 scared riverdale cw the cw betty GIF

12. Just as you finally find yourself on a roll, someone sits next to you and starts making too much noise.

 year her riverdale campus told GIF

13. You’re forced to miss out on a big night out with your uni friends because you’ve got too much left to do.


14. You think about giving up.

 top teen reasons riverdale josie and the pussycats GIF

15. You actually consider dropping out of university altogether.

 season 1 episode 10 riverdale cw jughead GIF

16. But then suddenly – somehow – you’re back on a roll.


17. You proofread the whole assignment so many times that it doesn’t even seem to mean anything to you anymore.

 shrug riverdale cw the cw betty GIF

18. But nevertheless, finally, you submit it the next day.

 riverdale cw the cw veronica camila mendes GIF

19. Albeit hours before the deadline.

 riverdale cw the cw jughead cole sprouse GIF

20. And then you do what students do best.

 year her riverdale campus told GIF

21. Before realising you have at least 4 more upcoming deadlines.

 season 1 episode 10 seriously riverdale cw GIF

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