It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

You just have to make it through to the end of the semester first. Here’s why you can’t wait to wave goodbye to uni for a few weeks and finally go home for Christmas…

1. You haven’t had a student loan instalment since September, so trying to make it through to the end of the semester has you feeling like:

the walking dead zombie

2. There’s just not enough people who share your enthusiasm for Christmas.

filmeditor will ferrell elf christmas movies revolving door

3. For example, your lecturers just keep talking about deadlines instead of focusing on all things Christmas and you just don’t think it’s okay.

seinfeld burn insult jerk george costanza

4. Because all you can think about is mince pies and the excitement of dressing up your pets in cute festive costumes.

dog french bulldog reindeer alx s christmas ornaments

5. You’re totally in the Christmas spirit, but you can’t even afford to eat, never mind decorate your student house.

atlanta donald glover broke atlanta fx i'm fucking broke dude

6. You and your uni friends can’t even afford to go drinking anymore, so you don’t know what to do with yourself.

RealityTVGIFs school work reality tv bored

7. To make matters worse, your parents are threatening to put up the Christmas tree without you.

the office followers how dare you kelly kapoor why dont you love me

8. Your student house is a whole new level of cold in December.

winter cold coat a christmas story bundle up

9. You’re constantly complaining about just how cold it actually is.


10. Like, stepping out of the shower in your student house is actually hell.

game of thrones snow cold jon snow sad john

11. And you’re completely done with your flatmates stealing all of your milk.

YoungerTV tv land done younger hilary duff

But you’re pretty happy at the prospect of going home and stealing your family’s milk…

12. Three words: home cooked meals.


13. Because no matter how hard you try, student Christmas dinners just aren’t the same.

Image result for ross geller it tastes like feet gif

14. You can’t even remember the last time you had a full night of sleep.


15. And at this point in the semester, you’re literally depending on Netflix to get you through the day.

Black Sails tv season 3 starz pirate

16. And naps have become essential for survival.

demi lovato tired sleep bed so relatable

17. You’re starting to forget what day it is and what daylight looks like because it’s dark when you go to uni and it’s dark when you leave uni.

Image result for what day is it gif

18. You’re actually starting to procrastinate your procrastination.

90s mtv daria procrastination procrastinating

19. Really, you just need a break, because this is literally you when anyone tries to talk to you about uni:

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