North and South are like two different worlds.

Northerners come to realise many things when they make the move South to go to uni. Say goodbye to natters with people who actually understand what you’re saying and hello to tube etiquette…

1. You thought your accent was barely noticeable, but to people down South you’re basically speaking a completely different language.

2. So you have to say everything twice. Either because people can’t understand you, or because they want you to repeat it for comedic value.

3. And then you go back home and your family and friends are horrified that you’re starting to sound more and more like you’re from the South.

4. People are 100% friendlier back home.

5. Because apparently talking to strangers down South is viewed as weird, freakish and downright psychotic behaviour.

6. And in the South, it’s not really socially acceptable to call anyone ‘pet’, ‘love’ or ‘duck’.

huh? say what? are you serious?

7. You’re surprised to learn that everyone in the South wears a coat when they go on a night out. You definitely wouldn’t be caught with a coat in the North.

Cheezburger animals snow winter monkey

8. And you realise you must be immune to the cold.

9. Chips and gravy pretty much doesn’t exist down South.

10. At least you’ve still got a Greggs on every corner.

11. But where are all the Cooplands?

12. And what about Henderson’s Relish?

13. The South doesn’t quite know how to do food portions like the North.

food patrick hungry spongebob squarepants burger

14. The homesickness you feel when it doesn’t say Look North on the telly is so very real.

15. You could basically rent a palace in the North for the price you’re paying for your tiny flat down South.

rich dave chappelle limo swag money

16. In fact, you break into a cold sweat at the thought of the price of a pint down South, nevermind your rent.

17. You make lighthearted jokes about where you come from – but if anyone else dares to say a bad word about the North, it’s fighting talk.

18. There’s nothing quite like the countryside up North.

movie fun excited running the lord of the rings

19. Standing on the left-hand side of the escalator in the South is basically a deathwish.

no country for old men

20. You will more than likely have the great bread debate with your flatmates.

21. Nobody has their priorities straight in the South quite like they do in the North.

22. You’ll always be proud of your Northern roots.


23. But despite all of that, even though you may not admit it, you definitely have a soft spot for the South.

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