1. Okay so apparently you actually have to go into lectures now… seminars, too. Grades now count… I repeat, grades now count!

2. Generally speaking, the majority of your first-year flatmates/friends weren’t actually anywhere near as cool as you’d once thought.

3. Harlequins will be there for your greasy pizza needs when all other takeaways are shut.

4. Despite popular belief, all the “good houses” were NOT gone by December… and as a result of panicking, you are now paying £95 a week for some five-bed house with a four-person sofa and one tiny, tiny fridge.

5. Plug is (sadly) no longer an acceptable place to reside on nights out. Huzzah! You can now join the scary second and third years that occupy Viper Rooms on a Tuesday.

6. Despite agreeing initially as a house that you will a) make an effort to make things more homely b) keep it tidy and c) establish a cleaning rota, none of these things will happen. Not a single one (top marks for effort, though).

7. Living with your friends (as opposed to a group of strangers) isn’t always as fun as you’d imagine it to be. Cue fights, makeups, and one of your housemates being borderline ostracized throughout the course of the year.

8. At least one of your housemate’s boyfriends/girlfriends essentially become your honorary 5th/6th/7th flatmate.

9. Despite promising to yourself that you’ll make better life choices this year, you make approximately 0-1 better life choices throughout the course of the year.

That 1 is when you refuse a night out that, judging by your friend’s Snapchat stories, was probably the best one of the year… uni… the entire world…

10. It is never, I repeat NEVER safe to go to Tesco on Eccy Road makeup-less and in your pajamas. Guaranteed you will see half of your course, one of your flatmates, and that guy you got within first year they’re- probably all in one go.

11. That overdraft you got to fund your extravagant lifestyle in first year was in fact, an extremely bad idea.

12. Staring wistfully whenever you go past your first-year halls will become a regular occurrence.

13. Eccy road will largely resemble the main strip in Magaluf whenever there’s a bank holiday (of which you will be completely unaware of until the day because who on earth cares about bank holidays when you’re a student?!)

14. Even though you no longer have to pay for your washing, you still finding yourself doing it questionably infrequently (why is the machine ALWAYS full when you go to use it?!)

15. Third years in the library will take it upon themselves to tell you how “lucky” and “easy” your life is right now. Yeah cheers for that, guys.

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