Last year was great, but this year is going to be even better.

And you’re determined to make sure of it and will do so by making a ton of New Year’s resolutions. Although whether or not they are completely realistic promises to yourself is another story…

1. “I’m going to workout every day this year!”


Why are you lying to yourself?

2. Have impeccable university attendance for the rest of the year (even the early morning lectures).


But staying in bed is a much more appealing option.

3. Cut down on Netflix binges to make room for more studying.


“But I just need to see what happens…” *7 seasons later*

4. Limit yourself to only going out on the weekends.


5. Eat healthier. No more ordering pizza at 2 am after a night out.


*cries into pizza*

6. Budget your student loan better.


7. And on that note, limit your shopping addiction.


“It’s so weird, I just went in to buy one thing!”

8. Get a job to get you through the semester.


Or you could take a nap.

9. Spend less time drinking and more time studying.


10. No more Tinder. No more terrible dates, no more jerks.


*swipes right*

11. Drink less coffee and more water.


But how are you supposed to function throughout the day?!

12. Get a real hobby instead of doing Buzzfeed quizzes all day.


Of course, I want to know if I’m more Harry Styles or Justin Bieber…

13. Make more effort to look cute for classes.


But that extra half hour in bed is just too sweet.

14. Be more productive instead of napping.


Again, you’re just lying to yourself.

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