Ah, first year. Basically just one big roller-coaster of emotions…

Moving day. This is it – you’re on your own.

Inside Out Joy Disney gif

But you’re not sad, because you finally have freedom at last! The world is your oyster!

Tangled Rapunzel excited Disney gif

Meeting your new flatmates for the first time.

Lilo and Stitch meeting Disney gif

And very quickly becoming BFFLs.

Lilo and Stitch hug Disney gif

Receiving your student loan for the first time and getting far too excited about the prospects of Freshers Week.

happy excited Disney gif

Getting ready for the first night of Freshers Week.

Cinderella Pink Blue Disney gif

Losing your new BFFL flatmates during that first night out.

Snow White scared Disney gif

But realizing it’s actually really easy to make friends with just about anyone.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hare friends Disney gif

Visiting the Freshers Fair and taking ALL of the free things!

Beauty and the Beast Belle Be Our Guest Disney gif

Freshers Flu hits and you feel like this might actually be the end.

Beauty and the Beast dying Disney gif

With your emotions running high (probably brought on by your hangover and/or Freshers Flu) you experience your first bout of homesickness.

Alice in Wonderland crying Disney gif

Trying to find your way around campus to your first lecture.

Lilo and Stitch lost Disney gif

Your very first lecture.

Snow White happy dancing singing Disney gif

Your second lecture.

Alice in Wonderland bored Disney gif

Every other lecture. Ever.

Emperor's New Groove Yzma impatient Disney gif

Checking your bank account only to discover you’ve blown almost your entire student loan in a very short period of time and realize you need to consider an overdraft.

Robin Hood scared Disney gif

But quickly learning that you CAN make a night out happen on £10.

Aristocats dance happy Disney gif

Thinking your assignments will be a breeze.

Aladdin Jasmine Disney gif

But getting your grades back like:

Snow White scared Disney gif

Thinking you may as well drop out now, because what’s the point?!

Sleeping Beauty Aurora cry Disney gif

But soon realizing – you got this.

Princess and the Frog happy sad Disney gif

Naps becoming absolutely essential. Every day. Maybe twice a day.

The Little Mermaid Ariel sleeping Disney gif

Finding those people you just click with and you guys start making plans for second year.

The Lion King Simba Timon Pumba friends Disney gif

Feeling wonderful at the end of the year because, despite all of the ups and downs, you’ve had an amazing time and you have met some truly wonderful people.

Peter Pan Wendy happy Disney gif

Having to say goodbye to everyone when the time comes to go home for the Summer.


Living back at home after living away at uni.

The Little Mermaid Ariel bored Disney gif

The excitement to go back as Summer draws to a close.

disney genie

Then suddenly the realization hits. Second-year actually counts.

Alice in Wonderland oh no Disney gif

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