We all have that friend who is going travelling and has a seemingly unlimited bank account to fund an epic year of sun and sea, with no real need to pick up a grotty bar job in the Philippines. If you aren’t that friend and are sweating about how you will keep your finances up whilst globetrotting, here is a list of fun ways to earn money whilst on the road.

1. Camp America

If you are looking for an all round experience, you simply can’t go wrong with Camp America. Once you have applied, the placement process is really hassle free. Many of the schemes include flights and visa applications, you get paid between $600 and $1200 for the summer on top of included meals and accommodation, and once you have finished, your visa is valid for 30 days further travel in the States.


Getting qualified as a TEFL instructor before travelling can secure you work across the world. Being able to teach English as a foreign language is an invaluable skill to have whilst travelling. It is not enough to be a native speaker, having the proper qualification to back it up will secure work in almost any country. The qualifications are reasonably priced and not too taxing to complete. Once you are qualified, you can prearrange teaching spells throughout your travels or just see what is available when you arrive. Be sure to check out this page for TEFL discounts and bonuses.

3. Become a model

Hear us out, for this is not as far-fetched as it sounds. There are big opportunities in the Asian market for those with European or Western looks to model. Don’t believe us? Read the Balance’s blog. No previous experience necessary and no need to be 5’10.

4. Fruit picking

An oldie but goodie; picking fruit has always been a sure-fire way for broke travellers to earn their keep abroad. There are recognised schemes and sites that you can prearrange work with. Picking Jobs is a good place to start as it lets you search by country and pairs farmers and pickers directly. It is also worthwhile keeping an eye on noticeboards and local papers whilst travelling to see if anything is available.

5. Become a scuba diving instructor

If like many before you, you plan on starting your travels in Thailand then make sure you hit the islands. Koh Phi Phi and Koh Sumi are not only some of the most amazing places to dive in the world but some of the cheapest places to become PADI qualified. Factor in a one to two week stay around this area of Thailand and get qualified, then when you move on to other places like Bali, Fiji or even Oz you can get a job working at a diving school developing your skills.

6. Work on a cruise ship

Working on a cruise ship is good way to combine travelling and earning potential. If you aren’t too bothered what you do or where you go, a cruise might be the perfect option for you. There are so many roles to chose from, if you already have skills see if you can put them to use, if not opt for a porters role or something simple to get yourself on board. All Cruise Jobs has an exhaustive list of positions and cruise operators to chose from, if you can’t find something on here you probably aren’t the cruise ship type. The best thing about a cruise is all travel, accommodation and often meals are included.

7. Teach an Exercise Class

Fancy yourself as a yogi? Get in some training before you go travelling and set up shop in each location you visit. Other travellers love to take part in fitness and wellness classes and the market is huge. If you can secure just one or two classes a week that can be enough to cover your food expenses without dipping into your travel funds.

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