So, what’s the plan?

Well, that went quickly. Three years have disappeared in a puff of smoke and the end of your degree is looming. If you’re a final year student, standing on the edge of a precipice peering out at life after education and not quite sure if you want to take the leap, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to relate to this list.

1. You’re parents are all, so have you thought about next year?


2. And you try and change the subject.

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3. When the 50th person asks you what your plans are, you’re like:


But you just grit your teeth, smile and shrug.

4. You still haven’t managed to plan your weekly meals, so you’re not very optimistic about planning your life.

5. You’ve no idea how, after 3 years, you STILL don’t know how to reference your assignments or use the library, and you STILL get lost on campus.


6. You have days when you feel like you’ve got this adulthood thing down, and you make sure everyone knows it…

200 (1)

7. …and days when you don’t.


Responsibility is so overrated.

8. You still ring your mum for advice on everything…

giphy (5)

Because that woman knows what she’s talking about.

9. You still can’t make your student loan last the term…

635924779802978928-1661518284_poor meme

10. …and you wonder how you’re ever going to survive without the overdraft you’ve been in for three years.


11. You occasionally panic about not having the perfect graduate job/travel plan/masters/boyfriend/girlfriend/anything lined up…

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12. …and you think you might strangle the next person who tells you about their incredible graduate scheme.


No one told you it was a competition.

13. You decide that this year you’ll get all your essays done in advance and will attend every single lecture. 

giphy (13)

Easy. You’re mature and organised now.

14. But you still end up leaving it all to the last minute and pulling all-nighters.

200 (6)

You’re not sure how you ever thought you could do 4 essays in 4 days.

15. You still take secret pride in submitting assignments with 0.1 seconds to spare. 

200 (7)

16. You worry that you should be making the most of your final year, and go on wild nights out.

giphy (9)

Because YOLO.

17. But your recovery rate is not what it once was.

200 (3)

And 1 night out turns into a 2-day hangover.

18. You sometimes have the urge just to give up on the whole thing.

i give up

You could just go and live in a cave in Tibet, reality won’t find you there.

19. You simultaneously can’t wait for it all to be over…


20. …and never want it to end.

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Because at the end of the day, you wouldn’t have changed your time at uni for the world!

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