All university degrees are difficult in their own right…

But when you study a language degree, you can sometimes feel like your brain has literally been scrambled and is about to melt out your ears at any given moment.

Especially when the following things occur:

1. Wondering why your password won’t work, then realising your keyboard is in a different language.

2. When you only feel confident speaking in the present tense.

3. Feeling the need to identify objects in every language you speak.

4. Watching a film with subtitles and thinking “THAT’S WRONG! THAT’S SO WRONG!”

5. When you finally remember words that you forgot mid-sentence ten hours ago.


6. Answering someone in completely the wrong language.

7. When people say “What’s the point? Everyone in the world speaks English.”

8. When you feel like you’re really starting to make progress and then you have a conversation with a native speaker.

9. When you try to practice your skills with fellow language students, then realise that you’re all speaking English and you cant remember how or when you switched.

Outlander tv season 2 sad what

10. For German students…

11. Having two different language exams back to back. 

12. Not feeling confident enough to speak fluently in one language, so throwing in a bunch of other words from other languages.

13. Realising you have just Googled how to say a word in English.

14. Constantly eavesdropping on conversations that you know aren’t English.

15. When you tell people you speak another language and they’re all like “Say something!” and you’re all like:

renee zellweger go away bugger off bridget jones bridget joness diary

16. Constantly switching languages on your phone.

17. You get bored of reading books in English because you understand all the words.

18. Wishing you could skip all this confusing crap and be fluent already.

frustrated animated GIF

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