Remember at the start of the summer when you were dying to come home from Uni, see your old school friends, eat all the food in your fridge and sleep in a normal-sized comfortable bed?

But now that you’re home, be honest, you’re missing uni life a little bit. Aren’t you?

Well thankfully there are just a few weeks left until a new academic year begins and to celebrate, we’re taking a look at 25 things you probably missed about uni this summer.

1. Being able to just walk downstairs or across the hall to see your friends.

2. Sharing a single bed with your best friend.

3. And talking until 4 am, telling each other things that you probably shouldn’t say out loud because they are shameful and fairly inappropriate.

true friendship

4. Waking up after a night out with absolutely no idea where you are or how you got there.

5. Your independence – doing your own food shopping.

Sony Music Perú supermarket grocery store grocery shopping justin timberlake

6. Waiting until your clothes smell like a hobo’s armpit before washing them.

clothes smell

7. Going out and kissing people whose name you don’t know. Which you can’t do in your hometown, BECAUSE YOU KNOW EVERY LIVING SOUL THERE.

8. Being able to go out with a tenner, get beyond drunk and still wake up with enough change in your pocket to get a McDonalds.

9. Coming home after a night out and eating a full bag of oven chips and chicken nuggets with your housemates.

10. Day drinking.

drinking wine desperate housewives dana delany katherine mayfair

11. Going out from Thursday night – Sunday night (and sometimes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.)

drinking waynes world hang out

12. Dressing up for some sort of themed night.


13. The passive-aggressive game of I’m just going to let the bin pile up because I’ve taken it out every single time and you’re a lazy ***!


14. The feeling of accomplishment when you attend the majority of your classes that week.

15. Being given a lump sum of money every couple of months for basically doing nothing.

student loan

16. Not feeling guilty about being unemployed.

unemployed job regina king friday movie

17. Not feeling guilty about staying in bed until 2 pm.


18. Being able to go to class in pyjamas/dressed like a cat lady.

anyone bananas scale pyjamas debatesrsly

19. Optimism about your future.

20. Your tiny little box of a room, which you resented when you lived in it.

21. Being able to eat a bowl of Rice Krispies and a Mars Bar for dinner without your mum lecturing you about the risk of diabetes.

22. Doing no exercise whatsoever.

darren criss exercise blaine anderson gym working out

23. Seeing how long you can get away with using dry shampoo instead of showering.

rhony shower real housewives of new york city real housewives of nyc jules wainstein

24. Using empty alcohol bottles as interior decor.

rantsofasassystew com

25. Using any excuse to take a day off.


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