Every year, quite literally hundreds of thousands of people pack up their lives and jet off in search of something bigger and better elsewhere.

But where exactly do they go?

Well, with the whole world to choose from, the opportunities can feel endless. However, there are certain destinations that are more favourable amongst British expats and some which you should definitely consider if you’re planning on moving this year.

To help you do this, we’ve pulled together a list of seven of the most popular future destinations for UK citizens looking to emigrate and start fresh. These include:

1. Australia

Australia has been a firm favourite for UK and Irish travellers for decades now, and this popularity doesn’t look set to slow down in the future.

And it’s easy to see why!

There’s no language barrier, the weather is glorious, the country is home to over 10,000 beaches, and the nation as a whole offers a more whimsical lifestyle – what’s not to love?

And these aren’t the only reasons why Brits like to move to Australia.

Most activities in Australia are outdoors-orientated, which is perfect if you love Mother Nature, plus the people there tend to be a lot more laid-back. The population density is also the lowest in the world, so it’s great if you love your space and a bit of peace and quiet.

The only catch is that visa requirements can be a little tricky, and the ability to successfully emigrate to Australia tends to be based on your occupational skills. That being said, there are ways around this.

2. Canada

Canada was once voted the most liveable place in the world, with some of its key cities still ranking in the top 10 places to live and work.

There are several great reasons to emigrate to Canada, and the nation is often praised for setting very high standards of living. This includes great lifestyle prospects, excellent healthcare, top-rated education, low crime rate and lovely local people. Not to mention it is home to some pretty breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

The visa process in Canada is much like that of Australia; if your occupation is on the list of high-demand skills, getting a visa is much easier.

3. Spain

Often seen as a dreamy retirement spot, Spain is so much more than that, and it is going to be a hotspot for emigrating Brits long into the future. From bountiful sunshine, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and the pull of the Mediterranean lifestyle, it’s easy to see why Spain is such a wonderful place to live. Not only this, but it has one of the world’s best healthcare systems.

The Spanish are also well-known for their laid-back, slower pace of life, where siestas are still an important part of the day. This is the ideal place to emigrate to if you want a more stress-free existence in a diverse country with an astonishing variety of landscapes to explore.

Though it’s worth noting that visa rules are likely to change in the coming years as a UK citizen after Brexit.

4. South Africa

Despite its shaky political past, South Africa is fast becoming an exciting destination for expats, with Cape Town and Johannesburg becoming two of the favourite destinations.

But why should UK citizens move to South Africa? Well, the warm weather is just one reason that will have you packing your bags without a second thought, but the beaches, generous locals and exciting lifestyle opportunities are some of the reasons to consider the move.

The economy is expanding rapidly right now, which means there are lots of opportunities for prosperity, and housing is very affordable.

And if that wasn’t enough of a reason to go, the country boasts some of the most incredible scenery, mountains, deserts and forests the world has to offer. Best of all, you can get in on a working visa and then, once settled, easily apply for residency without having to jump through too many hoops.

5. Ireland

Just a stone’s throw away is a small country with a whole lot to offer, and Ireland is going to be a very popular destination for UK residents looking to move abroad right now. The country has a rich culture that many Brits already love, including diverse artistic talent and very friendly locals.

Plus, the island is home to breathtaking landscapes and prehistoric sites and, of course, some of the best pubs in the world!

Another huge selling point is that you can find accommodation to suit every budget in Ireland, the healthcare system is accessible and funded by taxes, and the country is generally a very safe place to live.

6. Germany

There are so many reasons to love Germany, not least of all that it is a contemporary, multicultural and pioneering country that offers plenty of exciting opportunities to British expats.

It is also a business hub with a very strong economy, making it ideal for entrepreneurs or those looking to take their careers to the next level. From Berlin to Munich, there are lots of vibrant cities across the country, but there are also beautiful landscapes and outdoor spaces to enjoy too.

As a nation, there is an increasing ethos concentrated around healthy living, and lots of the locals gravitate towards this. This helps to create an all-round higher quality of life and a better standard of living.

There is one slight downside which is that Germany can be on the more expensive side. However, the benefits of living there far outweigh the costs, and this is set to be a very popular destination for emigrating Brits in the near future.

7. Cyprus

This wonderful island is made up of sun-kissed villages, sandy beaches, friendly locals, and it offers that more laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle for British expats. Not only this, but since the economic crisis of 2013, the country has been working hard to build itself back up, and infrastructure in Cyprus has advanced significantly since then.

The nation is also home to delicious cuisine, largely influenced by its close ties to Greece, as well as amazing summers, beautiful forests, mountain ranges and hey, did you know you can even go skiing there?

There is only one downside to living in Cyprus, and that is that job opportunities aren’t as ample as they once were. Therefore, this might be a better destination for digital nomads, business owners or retirees.