The Ultimate Guide On Moving To Spain

If you’re relocating to Spain, whether it be for business or personal reasons, there are a number of things you may want to make yourself aware of before making the big move. With this guide, we hope to make your move to Spain as easy as possible.

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Moving To Spain

If you’re relocating to Spain, whether it be for business or personal reasons, there are a number of things you may want to make yourself aware of before making the big move. With this guide, we hope to make your move to Spain as easy as possible.

Additionally, you can read on to find out more about My Baggage – our convenient, affordable and reliable door to door luggage shipping service that could help you to save significant time and money on transporting all of your worldly possessions to Spain.

About Spain

Located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Spain is easily one of Europe’s most popular destinations for tourists, as well as for those moving abroad, and it’s easy to see why. Many of the world’s must-visit cities are found in Spain, not to mention that the country boasts many cultural delights and a favorable climate all year round. It’s the ideal place to travel to, whether you hope to emigrate on a permanent basis with family or for business, further your academic horizons abroad, or perhaps if you simply wish to travel.
Spain Quick Facts
Population:46.7 million
Capital City:Madrid
Largest City:Madrid
Currency:Euro (EUR)
Date Format:dd/mm/yy
Dialling Code:+34

Why Relocate To Spain?

Spain is an undeniably popular expat destination, and with plenty of good reason. With a relatively low cost of living, a good healthcare system and a low crime rate, to name but a few, it’s easy to see whysuch an abundance of people take the leap to relocate to Spain each and every year. As well, there is the ease of learning Spanish, and there’s really no better way to do it than by living and immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking country.

If you’re relocating to Spain to live and work, you could be paying far less in rent and utilities than you would in your home country. It is often said that even on a humble salary, you can save money and live well in many of Spain’s most popular regions. If you’re moving to study, you might just find yourself at one of Spain’s world-renowned institutions, such asthe University of Valencia or even the University of Granada.

Most popular relocation destinations in Spain:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Alicante
  • San Sebastian
  • Malaga
Top 10 Reasons To Relocate To Spain:
1. The ease of learning Spanish.
2. The Fiesta culture.
3. The warm and favourable climate.
4. Spanish people are renowned for their friendless and hospitality.
5. There is a true focus on family living in Spain.
6. Spain is a remarkably healthy place to live.
7. Spain has a relatively low crime rate and low cost of living.
8. Healthcare in Spain is quick and of the highest quality.
9. From Spain you can travel easily throughout Europe.
10. Spain is brimming with culture and history.

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Things You Need To Know Before Moving to Spain


Moving to a new, unfamiliar country overseas can be a daunting experience, but also a thrilling, life-changing one. So long as you do the necessary preparations, you’ll find that settling into this new chapter of your life won’t be so difficult after all. From learning the language, to understanding the cost of living and the Spanish healthcare system— here are just a few of the most important things you need to know before moving to Spain.

Spanish Language

Of course, the official language of Spain is Spanish. English is widely spoken among the most popular areas of Spain, however, if you are planning to live and work permanently in the country, honing your Spanish skills is a wise idea. Thankfully, the good news is that Spaniards are friendly and very open to chatting with people from all over the world.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Spain is relatively low, meaning that even on a humble salary, you can save money and live well. This of course depends on where you live and the type of lifestyle that you lead, however, generally speaking, rent and utilities and buying groceries is cheap, and even in bigger cities, salaries reflect the higher cost of living there.


Spain’s healthcare system is regarded among the world’s best, and certainly one of the most comprehensive in all of Europe. The country’s healthcare system consists of both private and public healthcare. The public healthcare system is free of charge to anyone living and working in Spain (this includes students and those who are unemployed), and is funded by social security contributions. You can of course choose to take out private health insurance if you wish to. It is optional, and usually allows you to get faster treatment for non-emergency procedures, diagnosis tests and specialist consultancies.

Way Of Life

If there’s anything that is daunting about moving to a new country, it the prospect of moving away from your culture and adapting to a new way of life. The concept of family is something that is inherently important to Spaniards, and depending on what part of the world you are coming from, it can take some getting used to, especially if you have a Spanish partner. And of course, there is the sacred art of the siesta, which is an afternoon rest, or even nap, taken during the hottest hours of the day. The siesta is so deeply rooted in the Spanish way of life, that it’s virtually impossible to avoid it, so just embrace it!

Spanish Cuisine

Spanish food is, without a doubt, one of the great things of Spain. Each region of Spain has different variations of food, and in many towns and cities you can eat at very inexpensive places and still have a delicious, satisfying meal. There are few places in the world that compare with Spain in terms of food— from gazpacho, to paella and tapas.

10 Tips For Relocating To Spain:

  1. Start planning as far in advance as possible.
  2. Make checklists to stay on top of what you need to do.
  3. Get your immigration documentation sorted as early as possible.
  4. Set up a Spanish bank account as soon as you can.
  5. Get your healthcare in Spain sorted early to avoid any problems.
  6. Keep a record and stay on top of your finances – save, save, save!
  7. Sell/donate goods that you don’t really need to free up space.
  8. Do plenty of research on your new area (social media is a great tool!)
  9. If you’re moving for a job – don’t be afraid to ask your employer for help.
  10. Compare different quotes and choose your movers wisely.

Moving to Spain with Pets

If you’re moving to Spain with your pets, the bigger cities are your best bet, with the capital Madrid taking the crown with a score of 491 in our best cities to move to for pet lovers’ study. In large, urban Spanish cities you’ll find a high volume of veterinary practices, pet stores, and pet-friendly restaurants.

Thanks to Spain’s fantastic weather, you can also enjoy dog walks along certain beaches, forests, nature parks, and more.

In our study of the best cities to relocate to for pet lovers, Madrid was the fourth-best city in Europe for pets and the sixth-best pet city in the world. Madrid boasts a massive 494 pet-friendly hotels and 267 pet-friendly restaurants so you’ll never be short of somewhere to take your pet. There are also 190 vets to keep your mind at ease that your pets will always be safe. 

Barcelona comes in second place for the best place to travel in Spain with your pets with over 200 pet-friendly restaurants and 486 pet-friendly hotels so your furry friend can always be by your side. It’s also one of the countries where it’s cheaper to own a dog, with the average annual cost for owners being $938. However, to get your dog to Spain, you will need a pet passport.

Moving Your Possessions

One of the most important things to consider when relocating anywhere in the world is transporting all of your possessions abroad. Thankfully, there a number of ways that this can be done, with various options to suit all types of budgets and circumstances.

International Removals Companies

Hiring a traditional international removals company is one of the most popular methods of transporting belongings abroad when relocating. However, depending on the scale of your move and type of service that you choose, costs can quickly mount up. If you need to transport exceptionally large items such as sofas, beds, or even your car, this method can prove to be the most cost-effective. If shipping small items, it can be expensive.

Container shipping is generally the most affordable method of international removals. You will make significant savings when you opt for sea freight over air freight. However, you should bear in mind that it can be an exceptionally slow voyage – in fact, you could be waiting for up to two months for your belongings to arrive with you in Spain, depending where they are coming from. It’s almost important to be aware that although the majority of of international removals services will deliver straight to your door, some may require you to arrange transportation to and from the ports.

Air freight is a much faster method of shipping your belongings, though as it is typically priced by weight and volume, it is more costly as a result. Again, some international removals companies will offer a full door to door delivery service, whereas some may require you to arrange the transportation of your items to and from the airports yourself.

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Airline Baggage

Of course, you always have the option of carrying your belongings with you on your flight to Spain. However, if you have a substantial amount of belongings to bring with you in multiple heavy bags and suitcases, you could be slapped with excess baggage fees at the airport check-in desk, which could significantly increase the overall cost of your travel.

Shipping your excess baggage to Spain with My Baggage also makes that dreaded, tedious wait for the appearance of your suitcase at the luggage carousel a thing of the past. (Not to mention the possibility of your suitcase not appearing at all, which is everyone’s worst nightmare!) My Baggage ships your belongings quickly and safely.

My Baggage

My Baggage provides a convenient and affordable international removals service to Spain and to over 200 countries worldwide, across over 1,00 routes. With stress-free door to door shipping, full online tracking and dedicated, unrivalled customer support

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Why Use My Baggage For Relocating?

My Baggage offers a brand new approach to transporting your belongings to Spain. With our fast, convenient, reliable and affordable door to door luggage shipping services, My Baggage can offer a more feasible method of shipping your belongings in suitcases and boxes to your new home abroad. Relocating is an undeniably expensive process, and for many people, it could be a much more cost-effective option to sell or donate large, bulky items and ship only their most treasured and essential belongings with My Baggage.

What Can I Send?

My Baggage specialises in shipping personal effects all over the world. However, for security and customs reasons, there are certain items which are considered prohibited.

Value For Money

It really goes without saying that the best thing about My Baggage is the fact that we offer fantastic low rates on our international luggage shipping services. Traditional international removals companies can be expensive, and just not feasible for some who are hoping to relocate to Spain. For some, airline baggage may also be out of the question, due to the costs that can quickly mount up. As such, shipping all of your worldly belongings with My Baggage is a welcomed and affordable alternative. If you happen to find a better price elsewhere, use our Price Match tool and we’ll do our best to beat it. My Baggage isn’t just affordable – our service offers fantastic value for money. We offer 30kg/66lbs weight allowance per item for as little as £31 per item to Spain.

Convenient and Reliable Removals

At My Baggage, we understand that when it comes to your luggage and personal belongings, it’s only natural to feel apprehensive about handing all of your worldly possessions over to a removals driver. However, at My Baggage, we strive to provide an international moving service that you know you can trust.

My Baggage’s convenient door to door collection and delivery service means you don’t have to worry about arranging for the transportation of your belongings to a port, nor do you have to worry about collecting them at the other side. My Baggage collects all of your belongings from your doorstep and delivers them straight to your destination.

If you happen to have any questions or concerns along the way, we at My Baggage pride ourselves on our dedicated, unrivalled customer support. Thanks so many years of experience in logistics, our support team are experts when it comes to shipping personal belongings all over the world. If you require any assistance with your shipment, you can contact our customer support team via phone, email and live chat and they can help.

Fast Overseas Movers

At My Baggage, we understand that for many people moving abroad, speed is a priority when it comes to transporting all of your worldly belongings. The last thing you want is to have to wait weeks for everything you own to arrive with you at your new home.

In comparison to traditional international movers, which in some cases could take months for your belongings to arrive – with My Baggage, you don’t have to worry about waiting. We offer super fast removals, with a 2-5 working day transit time to Spain.

Full Online Tracking

My Baggage keeps you updated on your shipment to Spain from the moment you place your booking until the moment your shipment is delivered. You’ll be given the option to opt-in for text and email notifications to keep you fully up-to-date on where your items are and when they are due to arrive. We also provide full online tracking for every single shipment, which you can access any time in your My Baggage account.

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Shipping Bicycles To Spain

It really goes without saying— but Spain is a country that is rich in beautiful countryside just waiting to be explored, as well as full to the brim of bicycle-friendly cities. And, if you hope to bring your own bicycle with you when you move to Spain, you can when you book with My Baggage. We make it easy for you to transport large, bulky items such as bicycles overseas. In order to be transported, your bicycle will need to be dismantled and packaged securely into a bicycle box. However, your local bicycle shop should be more than happy to do this for you for a small fee. After that, you’re good to go!

Shipping Golf Clubs To Spain

Did you know? Spain just so happens to be one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe for world-class golfing— there are over 300 courses! If you’re a keen golfer relocating to Spain, it’s likely that you’ll want to bring your own equipment along with you— and My Baggage allows you to do just that. Just make sure that your golf clubs are packaged in a secure golf bag that is suitable for transit and you will be good to go.

Shipping Musical Instruments To Spain

If you are musically inclined, you may want to bring your musical instrument with you to Spain. Musical instruments can be particularly difficult to transport overseas, especially on flights, as many commercial airlines require you to purchase an additional seat for the item, which can substantially increase the overall cost of your travel. With My Baggage, you can avoid these additional costs by transporting your instrument easily with us.

Shipping Sporting Equipment To Spain

Due to its diverse terrain and beautiful, rich countryside— Spain is, without a doubt, one of the most popular destinations in Europe for adventurous, outdoor activities. If you’re a thrill-seeker and you’re relocating to Spain, you certainly won’t be disappointed. From skateboarding in Barcelona, to paragliding in Madrid, there truly is so much on offer. If you hope to bring your equipment along with you, you can easily transport it with us.

Student Shipping To Spain

If you happen to be relocating to Spain to further your education, My Baggage can help you with your big move. Whether you’re relocating to Spain for a semester, an academic year or for the duration of your degree course, My Baggage can help you to transport all of your personal belongings straight to your new home on campus safely.

My Baggage prices are student-budget friendly. And we’re not just affordable – our student shipping services offer value for money. You can send as many items as you like with us, and we offer a huge 30kg/66lbs weight allowance per box or suitcase.

My Baggage’s online booking system and door to door collection and delivery makes our service easy and convenient for busy students. And with My Baggage, you don’t need to worry about waiting weeks (or even months) for your important belongings to arrive. We offer fast transit times, with Express services available to and from all universities.

The My Baggage team is made up of former students and recent graduates, so we understand how stressful the prospect of moving to university can be – not to mention relocating to a new country to do so! We make it our priority to make your experience as easy as possible. Our convenient student shipping services to Spain allows you to relax and enjoy what should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Want to know what other students think of My Baggage? You can read through our customer reviews.

Prohibited and Non-Compensation Items

My Baggage specialises in shipping personal effects all over the world. However, for security and customs reasons, there are certain items which are considered prohibited.

As a general rule, you can be sure that the following items are prohibited:

  • Aerosols
  • Animal Products
  • Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Liquids
  • Medicines
  • Passports or other confidential personal documentation
  • Perishable Foods
  • Plants

It is important to keep in mind that there are specific items that can be carried, however, they may not be covered under our compensation cover and as such, should be sent at your own risk. If you do need to send any non-compensation items within your luggage, please ensure they are packaged securely and appropriately with internal cushioning.

Find out more about My Baggage’s prohibited and non-compensation items.

Please note that import allowances, security and customs processes differ all around the world. We recommend that you do your own personal research into what may be prohibited in your destination country before booking your shipment to Spain.

Packaging Information

When sending your belongings with My Baggage, we recommend using either suitcases or strong cardboard boxes to package your items so they are suitable for transit.

We advise against using fragile or expensive suitcases, as packaging is not covered under our compensation cover. With regards to boxes, it’s always best to invest in a new, sturdy, double-walled cardboard box as they are most durable and suitable for transit.

If you are sending fragile or delicate items, we recommend using internal packaging to protect them during transit. You can use materials such as bubble wrap or newspapers.

You can read through our complete packaging guide here.

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Spanish Customs Information

When shipping to Spain from the UK or anywhere else in the EU, goods do not pass through customs clearance and therefore are not subject to import tax or duty. If, however, you’re sending to Spain from a country outside of the EU, such as Canada or the USA, you are required to complete and send a customs invoice with your shipment.

Whether you are simply sending personal effects or a gift to a loved one, if your shipment does not have a customs invoice attached, it will not make it past your local country border, and you may have to pay return charges to get it back. My Baggage will automatically provide you with the appropriate customs documents for you to print, sign and attach to your shipment when you send luggage to Spain from outside the EU.

Generally, My Baggage shipments clear customs in a timely manner, free from duties and taxes, as most countries offer a generous duty-free allowance for personal effects. However, as customs processes and allowances are different around the world, and because My Baggage has no direct association with any customs authority, we do advise doing your own personal research into Spanish customs regulations and quarantine before booking your shipment to Spain from outside of the EU. Please make yourself aware of potential customs duties in Spain and follow any advice provided by customs.

Booking With My Baggage: How It Works

If you need an easy, convenient and affordable way to ship your belongings to Spain, booking with My Baggage is easy. Simply start by getting a quote. Our easy to use online booking process takes just a few short moments to complete. We give you the freedom to choose your preferred collection date, so you can fit everything around your relocation plans. Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you shipping labels to print and attach to your shipment. After that, you can sit back and relax as My Baggage takes care of the rest.

Reasons to use My Baggage:

  • Convenient door to door collection and delivery services.
  • Full online tracking with text and email notifications.
  • International shipping to over 200 countries, across 1,00 routes worldwide.
  • Fast transit times – express services available on many routes.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.

Are You a Business Or Personal User?

My Baggage offers convenient and affordable shipping services for absolutely everyone, whether you’re a business user, a holidaymaker, an expat or, of course, relocating. No matter your reason, absolutely anyone can take advantage of our competitive prices and excellent services. In fact, many savvy business users regularly avail of our low cost and convenient shipping services in order to relocate their employees all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for?

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