Another big celebration spent in lockdown – who would have guessed!

But instead of getting down about not getting away to your favorite hotel or restaurant for that romantic night away, let’s try to plan the best night indoors!

We’ve come up with 6 ideas to make Valentines/ Galentines a one to remember!


1. Movie Night 

This isn’t just any movie night, put your sweat pants on, push the sofas together,  get your duvet and prepare to have the comfiest movie night ever.  You’ll need to plan beforehand what snacks and drinks you want, make sure you have them all nearby for the chillest of chill nights. The most stressful thing of the night will be what movie to watch! This is the perfect night whether it’s a lover or your bestie!



2. Cocktail Night 

Go wash your hair, change out of your jammies, and pop some makeup on! We know it’s just to sit in your own house, but you’ll instantly feel better for it. Now grab the cocktail shaker and your favorite ingredients and get creative! This is the perfect night for every occasion, whether you’re in the house together or far apart it’s the ideal way to liven up a zoom!



3. Can’t go wrong with a Spa day! 

Meant to be going to a spa day but it’s sadly closed? Bring the spa day to you! Turn the living room into a full-on Spa, pop on your slippers and dressing gowns, and get relaxing!  Take it in turns to apply face masks to one another, treat each other to a relaxing shoulder massage, or simply just skip straight to the boozy afternoon tea part!



4. Recreate the day you met (but from home)!

Was it a drinks date or a movie or possibly you went all out and got dinner for your first date? Why not recreate that night but in your own home! Make menus, prepare the same meal, and have all that cheesy small talk you had getting to know one another! Could be a good way to reminisce about older, more normal times!



4. Virtual takeaway Dinner Date- With the help of My Baggage! 

If you and your loved one are far away tonight then there’s no better way to celebrate than with a good old-fashioned takeaway!  Both order exactly what you are after and chat till the sun comes up (this way your partner can’t steal your food too!) And what’s better than a takeaway? A FREE TAKEAWAY!! We are holding a giveaway over on our Instagram to win two vouchers for the takeaway of your choice to share with your bestie/partner- Enter now! (ADD HYPERLINK to insta)


6. Send them all their favorite things! 

This is perfect especially if you are living in different countries- who doesn’t want to receive a big box of all their favorite things!! This is a great way to show you miss them lots, whether it’s your bestie or your bf! And if you need some inspo on what to put in your box of goodies, we’ve written the Ultimate Care Package Guide – which has ideas for every type of care package you could imagine!

If you need a helping hand sending your package, you’re on the right page! My Baggage will pick up your care package and deliver it straight to your bestie or BF/GF! Head to our website to order online today!