The thought of booking a summer holiday abroad still seems pretty risky, doesn’t it? With international travel for the summer months still being unknown, it feels like a bit of a gamble to put a deposit down. 

That being said, if the borders do open back up and we are allowed to travel, then I for one want to be the first one on that flight. 

One of the safer options during this time are Staycations. A staycation is a portmanteau of ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’ meaning to stay in your country for a vacation. With travel still being undetermined this could be our best bet for going on that ‘holiday’. 

Some tips are pretty obvious and some you might not have thought of before now. So we’ve put together a list of 8 things to look out for when booking a summer staycation.

Here are My Baggages top Staycation tips:


1. Check as many vacation rental companies as possible.

As simple as this sounds, everyone always goes straight to Airbnb or There are so many different smaller companies out there doing the same thing, and possibly for cheaper. Sites like VRBO, which caters more for family stays (doesn’t include shared space rentals) or Plum Guide which has put together a list of more luxury stays within the UK. Research what type of stay you want, where you are going and there will be a company to accommodate you.


2. Get a larger house for more people

Getting a larger apartment and filling it with friends and family (as long as restrictions allow this) will most likely make your stay a lot cheaper. If you were planning on going away with friends anyway this would be a great option instead of getting two apartments. A larger apartment normally means more space and better amenities. 


3. Make sure it has a kitchen

If you are planning on staying away for a long time, possibly think about getting an apartment with a kitchen instead of a hotel. This means you can cook your own food when you want to, but still with the option to go out. This will 1. save you a lot of money 2. have more of a relaxing holiday (sometimes you just want to chill and get a takeaway!) Either way, it’s always nice to have the option.


4. Free cancellation

As much as everything is looking up at the moment, there are a lot of unexpected events that can happen between now and then. You want to make sure you are covered in case you encounter unexpected travel restrictions or events that would mean you would have to self isolate. Free cancellation just means you are guaranteed to get back any money you’ve spent.


5. Book Early

It’s always best to book as early as possible to avoid all the good deals getting snapped up, especially since a lot more people will be staycationing this year. Check out what is available and don’t leave it too long to book as it might be gone by the time you go back! The earlier also means you have longer to pay off the accommodation and longer to plan all your exciting activities. 


6. Parking

If you are driving to your Staycation you’ll want to make sure you have parking at your accommodation, this is especially important if you are taking a city break. City parking can be very expensive and over the course of a week will definitely start to rack up. So before you book that perfect apartment, just have a look around to make sure you can leave your car somewhere!


7. Pack a boredom box

If your Staycation is somewhere where it is a high possibility there will be rain (UK!!), then we would suggest bringing a boredom box! Whether it’s for the adults or the kids, it’s always best to be as prepared as possible. Bring the cards, the Jenga and anything else you can think of that would cure that boredom on a rainy day!


8. Do your research

Before you head off, make sure to have a look at what activities and events are on when you are there. There could be theatre events or activities that you will need to book in advance to get a spot, make sure to have a rough plan on what you want to fill your days with to avoid missing out!



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