Flight hopping, inter-railing, road trips – these are all great ways to travel and see new places. However, some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are best explored on a bike.

This is because cycling allows you to go at your own pace and go off the beaten track. Not to mention it’s a great way to keep fit and after a long day of peddling, the local cuisine will taste even better!

But if you’re not used to travelling with your bike, and you’ve not been on many cycling trips before, you might not know where to start. And that’s where we come in! We’re here to inspire you.

We’ve put together a list of seven of the best places around the world for a cycling holiday. From the beautiful English countryside to the breathtaking Himalayas, you’re bound to find the perfect cycling destination for you in this guide.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Get lost in the Italian hills

Italy is home to so many incredible villages, towns, and cities, many of which offer unique cycling opportunities. Tuscany, Puglia, Lake Garda, Siena, the list goes on!

Once there, you can soak up the gorgeous weather as you ride through vineyards and olive groves, around lakes, and through the rolling hills – depending on where you choose to take your cycling vacation, that is.

You could even ride the roads of the famous Strade Bianche race in Siena, at a much more relaxed and enjoyable pace, of course.

Either way, Italy has something and somewhere to offer every type of cyclist, from beginners to expert mountain bikers.


2. Ride through the watercolour landscapes of China

From the bustling cities to the incredible countrysides, bikes are a very popular way to travel in China. What’s more, there are lots of exciting tour operators that work across the country to offer cycling trips around some of the nation’s most incredible spots.

On your two wheels, you’ll be able to experience the unforgettable landscapes that have inspired Chinese painters and poets for centuries. You can also see some of the most famous attractions, from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City. And who could forget a bike ride through the panda breeding capital of Chengdu!

On your bike, you’ll be able to experience some of the most beautiful scenery, architecture and wildlife that China has to offer.

English Countryside

3. Embrace variety in the United Kingdom

The UK boasts some incredible national parks, from the lochs of Scotland to the mountains of Wales and the beautiful countrysides of England. This makes it the perfect place for a cycling holiday.

If you prefer to be by the sea, consider coastal rides such as the Cinder Track from Scarborough to Whitby. Or, if you prefer plenty of stops in quaint British towns, perhaps the Lake District is a better location for your holiday.

For those who are a bit more experienced, Afan Forest Park in Wales offers exciting mountain tracks. Or, if you’re feeling brave enough, you could even complete the challenging 1,000-mile ride from John O Groats, the highest point in Scotland, to Lands End all the way at the bottom of Cornwall, England.

There really are so many wonderful places in the UK that can be explored by bike, and there is something to suit every style of rider.

Amsterdam Bikes

4. Experience the ‘green heart’ of Holland

There are lots of exciting places to go by bike in the Netherlands, but most notably, the Randstad region. This area, also known as the green heart of Holland, is home to incredible natural attractions, historic towns and world-famous cities such as Haarlem, Rotterdam, Leiden and of course, Amsterdam.

Now, it might seem a bit cliche and even a bit predictable, but there’s a reason that Amsterdam is called the city of bikes, and it’s definitely worth a visit on your Dutch biking holiday.

Other cities and locations are just as bike-friendly as the capital, and all offer their own unique charm. From the food markets of Rotterdam to the historic architecture of Haarlem, this incredible country is ideal for exploring by bike.

5. Mountain bike through the Himalayas in Nepal

Did you know that Nepal has been recognised as one of the world’s great mountain biking destinations? This is largely due to its superb cross-country bike routes and excellent tour providers.

Enjoying sights such as the Kali Horseshoe and taking in the breathtaking views  of the Annapurna Massif, this is a cycling holiday like no other. On route, you’ll see rivers, historic towns and you can stop for a break at the rim of the Kathmandu Valley.

Though this trip might require a bit more stamina, you’ll experience stunning scenery, diverse terrain and get to meet lots of friendly locals along the way.

So if you’re looking for something different, a biking trip through the Himalayas should be next on your list.

Pan American Highway

6. Pedal the Pan Am in Central America

Central America is made up of some incredible countries – and what better way to see them than by bike. Whether you book up a tour or go it alone, you can pedal along parts of the iconic Pan American Highway through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

You can cross lakes, lush countrysides and see volcanoes; you can cycle past sugarcane plantations and enjoy some of Central America’s top cities.

This could be the cycling trip of a lifetime, so be sure to make the most of every second!

Canadian Scenery

7. Cycle through beautiful Canada

Finally, we have a bike holiday to Canada. Whether you’re enjoying the mainland or exploring Cape Breton Island just off the coast, this nation has so much to offer bike riders.

Offering varied terrain, from forest tracks to sandy beaches and rolling hills, your ride will take you through some of the world’s most wonderful scenery.

You can also mountain bike steep tracks before twisting down through old-growth red cedars just outside of Vancouver. This riding will leave you giddy with excitement and with the biggest smile on your face.

And if you fancy something a little bit more challenging, Mount Fromme and Mount Seymour offer some more difficult trails to tackle.