One of the most exciting things about a remote role is the fact that you can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection and your laptop.

This means if you want to pack up and move somewhere else, you can. You can also work while you travel or when on extended trips that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get annual leave for.

Those that like to work remotely as they travel or visit new places have become known as digital nomads. As this type of lifestyle continues to grow in popularity, there are more and more places around the world catering for this type of professional.

So, if you’re looking for your next exciting getaway, travel destination or even home, look no further. Here are seven of the best cities in the world to be a remote worker.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

From cinematic hillside views, cobbled alleyways and ancient ruins to fine dining and friendly locals, there are so many things that make Lisbon, Portugal, great. The cost of living here can be relatively low, though this can be hiked up by the cost of accommodation, so you need to be aware of this.

It is possible to get a digital nomad visa to work there, and as it is such a popular destination, you’ll be surrounded by a robust ex-pat community of like-minded individuals. Oh, and did we mention the quick internet speeds? Lisbon is all about that cafe life, with lots of co-working spots offering speedy Wi-Fi. All of this combined makes Lisbon one of the greatest cities on earth for remote workers and travellers alike.

Beyond work, Lisbon’s rich history, stunning architecture and thriving arts scene provide ample opportunities for exploration and fun. And the weather’s not bad either!

2. Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia was one of the first places in the world to implement the new digital nomad visa that allows remote professionals to conduct work for up to a year. Its capital, Tallinn, is often overlooked as one of the world’s most wonderful cities, but it oozes charm, and its medieval streetscapes will leave you feeling like you’re in a real-life fairytale.

The digital economy is booming in Tallinn, and 99% of public services are available 24/7, which means you’ll never struggle with connectivity or high-speed internet. Plus, there are lots of delightful shared working spaces, restaurants and bars, contributing to its very modern and vibrant culture.

Picture yourself working in a cozy cafe in the heart of the medieval Old Town or setting up your laptop in one of the modern co-working spaces popping up all over the place. The blend of old-world magic and a thriving digital economy creates a work environment like no other.

3. Mexico City, Mexico

Although Mexico City might not have had the best reputation in the past, it has begun to flourish in recent years, revealing a very young society and vibrant culture. If you love food, particularly street food, this place is heaven, as the city has an explosive culinary scene. It is also home to lots of cultural institutions, including some of the world’s most famous museums.

There is an efficient metro system to help you get around the city, but as a remote worker, you shouldn’t have too much of a commute. It is a great place to work with some lovely shared spaces, and it also offers high-speed internet access and very affordable living costs.

Plus, work-life balance is encouraged and easy to find in the city, so it’s the ideal location if you want to prioritise living over working (and you should!).

4. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a metropolis by the sea. If you love to drink craft beers (and who doesn’t), dine-out or do yoga on the beach – all while working remotely, of course – this place is for you. The city is a little bit pricier than some of the others on our list, but the experience of living there far outweighs the costs.

The city is extremely diverse, and there is no shortage of cafes, bars, museums, parks and wonderful places to hang out in your free time. When it comes to working, the tech scene is huge in Canada as a whole, but as a digital nomad, you’ll fair well whatever you do, thanks to high-speed internet and plenty of beautiful working spaces.

Plus, there is a wonderful community spirit in the city made up of ex-pats, nomads, travellers and friendly locals – it’s a very inclusive and comfortable place to be.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

As the magical meeting place between the East and the West, Istanbul is bursting with rich culture, history and some of the best food the world has to offer. It’s probably not the ideal location if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful and quiet to work because the city boasts great nightlife and more landmarks than you imagine. This means it is a very busy and bustling city.

However, it is a very affordable place to stay, and there is easy access to the internet. Not to mention its freelancer-friendly visa options have made it very popular amongst remote workers, creating an exciting network of like-minded professionals.

The city’s full of culture and history, perfect for exploring during your downtime. And when it’s time to get to work, you’ll find a growing number of co-working spaces with high-speed internet to keep you connected. If you’re looking for a great social life, friendly locals, cultural attractions and connectivity, Istanbul is the place for you.

6. Singapore, Singapore

Another slightly pricier but equally exciting city for remote workers is Singapore. It is often found at the top of the list of the best places for ex-pats to live, including digital nomads, for a number of reasons.

The city is a melting pot of cultures, but its stable economy and favourable business environment also make it a great place for remote work.

The high-speed internet and endless career options should be enough, but just in case you were looking for something more, the city is very eco-friendly, clean, safe and genuinely a very cool place to be. You’ll see this from the moment you arrive at the airport as it was voted the best airport in the world.

Beyond work, Singapore is a food lover’s paradise, with hawker stalls serving up dishes from around the world. And if you need a break, the city’s fantastic public transportation makes it a breeze to explore the vibrant neighbourhoods and cultural hotspots. Singapore’s blend of work and play makes it an unbeatable destination for remote workers.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Last but certainly not least is Barcelona in Spain. This enchanting seaside city is full of history, breathtaking architecture, beaches and wonderful people. Oh, and great food and drink, of course – who could forget about free tapas when you’re out for drinks!

It’s no wonder then that travellers flock here in droves to enjoy the Catalonian nightlife and laid-back lifestyle. Plus, the relaxed atmosphere and high-speed internet make it a wonderful place for remote working, particularly if you want to perfect that work-life balance we talked about. Siesta, anyone?