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Are you a British citizen living Down Under in Australia or New Zealand? If so there’s one thing we know you miss more than anything – no not mum’s home-cooked dinners, we’re talking about the wonderful weather of the British Isles.

We are offering Brits living overseas the chance to buy Bottles of British rainwater to remind them of home.


Now available to pre-order this summer, these are the perfect gifts for homesick Britons abroad and we’re selling each bottle for £20 as a novelty gift to ex-pats.

This new product is also perfect for tourists who had planned to visit the UK this summer, but who have been forced to rethink their plans due to travel restrictions.

Pre-order your unique bottle of British rain today!

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British Rain Shower

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Each 500ml bottle contains a British rain shower. We encourage recipients to ‘pour contents over their head' for an authentic feeling of British Isles weather.

Each bottle has a special showerhead to allow the rain to flow out like a rain shower. 

To complete the full experience we recommend choosing the coldest, windiest day possible and stand outside in the shade before taking the home-made shower.

Please note: This is a pre-order only, and orders will ship in July 2021.

At My Baggage, we like to help ex-pats connect with home. That’s why we’ve come up with this unique gift to help remind our customers of their home country – an authentic British rain shower.

The bottle has a special showerhead to allow the rain to flow out like a British rain shower. 

We help thousands of Brits with their international removals and their luggage shipping needs every year to locations such as the USACanadaAustralia, and New Zealand, but we know many of them do miss home.

We also ship to all locations in Europe, such as FranceSpain, and Germany.

By buying our new bottled British water, our customers can access a little bit of home whenever they need it. 

For best results, here is the My Baggage guide to enjoying your Authentic British rain shower:  

  1. Once your bottle of British rain arrives, ensure you chill your bottle in the fridge for a couple of hours. Don’t leave it in too long. This isn’t a hail storm. But it does need to be nice and cold.
  2. Select the right kind of day to enjoy your shower. Ideally, it should be grey and overcast. If there’s a strong wind – so much the better. You want the proper British experience.
  3. Grab your bottle of My Baggage British bottled water and head outdoors. The bottle has been designed with a sprinkler top to replicate rain.
  4. Find a shady spot and begin pouring over your own head and savor the sensation of a typical British rain shower.